Pitta on skin

What lifestyle changes should I make for pitta skin type

Have sensitive skin or pitta on skin? The combination skin type, also known as ‘pitta” in Ayurveda is prone to acne, blemishes, and inflamed skin at the slightest provocation.

Be it the weather, new products, or simply a slight change in your diet, it can reflect on your skin. This is true for all skin types but especially for pitta skin.

Not to worry. We have you covered.

Here’s everything you need to do(and not do) to recover quickly from pitta skin problems.

Why is pitta skin always irritated?

In Ayurveda, it is said that your skin is ruled by doshas or body energies. There is vata, pitta and kapha dosha.

If you’re a Pitta dosha, you may have acne, inflamed skin, redness, allergies or a combination of these. This skin type is more sensitive than other skin types. This means it needs more care and disciplined routine to keep your skin fresh and vibrant.

What do I need to change for healthy skin for pitta on skin?

Only skincare does not guarantee healthy skin. You need to have a disciplined habit of taking care of your body and mind for healthy skin. Here are the basic tips you should be following:

Eat right for your hot body

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Pitta body is ruled by fire and water. When in the balanced state, pitta skin tends to be on the hotter side.

So eating foods that have cooling properties can help regulate your body temperature. Choose watermelons, cucumber and raw veggies as part of your diet.

Exercise calming activities regularly

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Pitta body types are driven towards rigorous exercises like spending hours on the treadmill or doing high intensity workouts.

These are great, but according to your body type, you are recommended to choose calming activities like swimming, walking in the park and yoga to help relax your body.

Have an Ayurvedic based skincare routine

Don’t experiment with random skincare products. If you know you have sensitive skin, the rule is to use organic products that aren’t harsh.

Brahmi’s range of organic products for pitta dosha are targeted at specific skin issues that come with the dosha.

Make oil massage a regular habit

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For pitta on skin type, it is essential to keep body cool. An oil massage 2-3 times a week helps relive painful joints and refresh the body.

Is it my diet? Is my eating habit aggravating my pitta on skin?

Diet is one of the main factors that affect pitta skin. One has to be careful not to consume foods that add heat or aggravate existent skin issues. Here are some tips you can follow for your diet.

Drink water

Intake of abundant water is the first factor in skin health. Without hydration from within, no amount of moisturizer can revive your skin.

Remember to drink room temperature cool water only.

Light and cool foods only

Keep your body cool with what you consume. When pitta is in balance, your body has a great digestive metabolism. During imbalance, you may have constipation or bowel issues.

Thus, eating raw and fibre rich foods is good. You can also eat cooked veggies including carrots, cauliflower, beans, pumpkin, lettuce , zucchini etc. Reduce the intake of chilies, onions and tomatoes that are tangy and hot.

Am I using the wrong products on my skin?

After diet, it’s your products that you should be checking for red flags.

Unlike what is advertised often, not all products can work on all skin types.

At Brahmi, we now that each skin type needs a different ingredient, a unique formulation and a particular regime to take care of specific skin issues and reveal glowing sin.

What should you look for in your skincare for pitta on skin?

Pitta dosha skin is very sensitive, thus your skincare products should be safe and non-irritating to the skin.

  1. Understanding your skin issues Not everyone with pitta on skin has the same issue. One person may have persistent pimples while another may have oily T-zone or sun-damaged skin. You must choose skincare that combats your particular issue.
  2. Keep your skin cool throughout the day Be it a spritz of rose water when it gets too hot or a dash of aloe-infused water, refreshing the face often is recommended for pitta skin health.
  3. Right ingredients Look for brahmi, neem and ashwagandha in your skincare which helps heal and nourish your sensitive dermis.
  4. Beauty sleep Especially relevant for those with pitta skin, a relaxed 8 hour beauty sleep can work wonders for your skin.
  5. Do not agitate your skin You may be tempted to pick and prod pimples and dry patches. Don’t. Let your skin heal on its own and use only safe and organic products on your skin.

What are some home remedies for pitta on skin?

Pitta dosha requires discipline an adhering to certain lifestyle guidelines for a healthy body and skin.

  • Yoga is a great pratcise which can be adopted in place of vigorous exercise for the pitta body type.
  • Drink plenty of water preferably luke warm water for deep hydration.
  • Eat fruits at least 30 minutes before food to aid proper digestion.
  • Try to add ghee as part of your diet as it helps reduce body heat.
  • Feed your mind with happy thoughts and leisurely activities like hobbies to get the happy hormone serotonin flowing.

Best products to reduce pitta skin issues

If you’re dealing with uneven skin tone, oily T-zone and acne, here are some of our magical products that will work wonders for your skin.

Neem and Green Tea cleanser for pitta or sensitive skin

A good cleanser is the first thing you need to balance your skin. Our gentle cleanser with the astringent properties of neem and calming essence of green tea helps regulate skin oils.

Choose this cleanser if you have active acne and oily spots across your face.

Gentle exfoliant for pitta or sensitive skin

Pitta skin exfoliants have to be gentle, non-irritating and have calming active ingredients. The aim is to remove physical debris and dead skin cells from the surface and reveal plump new skin.

Nourishing moisturiser for pitta or sensitive skin

A decadent moisturiser with jasmine extracts, holy basil, ashwagandha and lotus seed oil, this one provides intense hydration but doesn’t make your face oily. Our moisturizer calms, hydrates and nourishes dull sin.

Soothing face oil for pitta or sensitive skin

For indulging your skin in the ultimate ritual, we recommend our soothing face oil. Featuring almond oil, carrot extract, manjistha and holy basil, this face oil helps relieve acne bumps and hydrates dry patches without making your skin greasy.

Is your combination skin or pitta on skin wrecking havoc on your personality? Get the goodness of Ayurveda with Brahmi skincare’s range of products exclusively for pitta skin type.