Top skin brightening facial kits and products you can use safely on your skin

One of the best skin brightening facial kits you can use is our Ayurvedic ritual box. Why? It’s safe, effective and suits your skin type exactly.

Skin brightening facial kits is a controversial topic today , and for good reason. Most commercial skin brightening facial kits (or skin whitening products) have ingredients you’d rather not use on your skin.

Ingredients like hydroquinone, mercury and kojic acid are frequently found in conventional brightening products.

These can cause adverse skin reactions and even add up to skin cancer if used frequently. This is why we always recommend reading the label before you shop.

For bright and youthful skin, the mantra is to take good care of your skin regularly. Nourish it and use only organic products.

At Brahmi, we are dedicated to giving all skin types even toned, beautiful radiant skin using the goodness of Ayurveda.

Should you use a skin brightening facial kits?

A safe and effective skin whitening or skin brightening kits is a great tool that you can add to your daily skincare routine.

Our ritual boxes are the perfect facial kits, if you’re looking to plump up your skin and brighten naturally.

The best brightening skin care ingredients for all skin types?

Ayurveda has an extensive list of ingredients which have proven, to be amazing skin brightening agents for each skin type. Interesting, right? Here are the top organic facial kit ingredients you should look into to be part of your skincare regime.


The revered haldi with its sunshine glow has been a staple at Indian homes from time immemorial.

From healing skin infections to treating wounds, turmeric takes the trophy when it comes to it’s stellar affects on the skin.

It is a great antioxidant and ant-inflammatory ingredient, and is one of the best additives you can have, for all skin type in your skincare regime for bright and glowing skin.


Another “varnya” or skin brightening ingredient is vetiver root. It is a great ingredient to calm vata-pitta skin. It hydrates and cools skin, making it look younger and fresher.

Vetiver also has anti aging and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an un-avoidable ingredient in your skin brightening facial kits. This herb is a great pick for sensitive skin as it balances and refines skin issues.


A beauty essential, manjishta is a melanin blocker. It blocks the function of tyrosinase enzyme that drives melanin production in the skin.

Manjishta is also an anti-bacterial and helps soothe skin inflammations.



Soothing to the skin as it is to the nose, sandalwood is a great remedy for skin brightening. It provides hydration and has great cooling properties.

Sandalwood packs have been used since ancient times and still feature as a star ingredient in our Ayurvedic preparations.


Saffron - kumkumadi oil

The rare and beautiful saffron has many benefits to the skin. Its main role is in healing skin imperfections including acne, acne scars, blemishes and sun irritation.

This little red ingredient is also a great skin whitening agent as it fades away tan.



An all-rounder for healthy skin, ashwagandha flaunts a range of skin benefits.

A very powerful skin cleanser, this ingredient regulates melanin production thereby promoting skin whitening and brightening. It is also a great constituent in moisturizers and facial kit, providing intense hydration for long hours.

Skin brightening products you must have

Here are our top products that you need to have in your facial kit for bright and glowing skin.

Ultimate hydrating face oil for dry/vata skin type

This beautiful liquid gold is a light and flowery face oil with multiple properties that help rejuvenate your skin.

Packed with olive oil, mulethi, brahmi extracts and ashwagandha, this one helps reduce hyperpigmentation and reveal plump, glowing skin.

How to use:

Face oil should be the last step in your beauty regimen, yet be always present in your facial kit.

Tae 30 seconds of breather after each step, so that the products can absorb on the skin and work effectively.

Nourishing moisturizer for Kapha or oily skin type

A good moisturiser, like our Nourishing moisturizer for oily skin helps regulate skin oil balance, restore elasticity and reduces pigmentation on skin.

With active ingredients like vetiver, frankincense oil and sandalwood oil, this is a light and non-comedogenic moisturizer to top your skin up after your morning routine.

How to use:

It is recommended to use the oily skin moisturiser after cleansing and toning your skin.

Take a pea-sized amount and work on your face till its all absorbed.

Soothing face oil for sensitive/combination skin type

Sensitive skin care products have to be carefully chosen.

Our soothing face oil calms and heals inflamed skin, reduces redness and injects intense hydration. It is a must-have for your skin brightening facial kit.

A rich yet light textured oil, this one has the goodness of Lotus Seed Extract, Saffron, Sandalwood Wood Oil, Ashwagandha, Turmeric Root Oil, and Manjistha Extract.

This combo makes it the holy grail product for brightening combination skin.

How to use:

Face oil has to be used after a good cleanse and moisturizing.

Once the moisturizer has settled for 30 seconds on the skin, take 3-4 drops of face oil and gently smear on your face and neck. Work in gentle circles on the skin and you’re ready to go.

Vetiver and Apricot Cleanser for oily skin type

You gave us a challenge. We took it and came up with this stunning cleanser specially formulated for oily skin.

Our vetiver-apricot cleanser is aimed at restoring the oil balance on your face while brightening and hydration it.

Vetiver, wheat germ extracts and aloe vera gently cleanse, unclog pores and reveal beautiful supple skin.

How to use:

Wet your face well. Take a small amount of cleanser and apply starting from the T-zone.

Lather on the cleanser on the cheeks, forehead and chin area, and finish off with the area around the eyes.

Wash off with water and pat dry.

Nourishing moisturizer for dry skin type

Healthy skin radiates with a beautiful lush glow. This is especially relevant for dry skin which is often flaky and dull.

Introducing our nourishing moisturizer for dry skin with active ingredients like almond oil, mulethi, turmeric root oil and Brahmi.

How to use:

For best results, apply on cleansed face while it’s still a little damp. This helps lock in extra moisture to reduce dryness.

Dab a pea sized amount and apply on the face in circular motion till product is absorbed onto the skin.

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