Our story

Connecting customers to indian heritage

It was a very common practice to make personal care products at home in olden days, living in harmony with nature. Our mothers, grand mothers, great grandmothers had this knowledge, with generations and lifestyle changes it has slowly disappeared. I’m one of those lucky few to have experienced it in first hand, to see the process, to experience the lifestyle.

To live with nature and as one. Personal care routines were nurturing, healthy and simple, done with care. So it was the mindfulness, rejuvenating and understanding that of personal care routine that made it healthy and simple. 

It was having those personal care routines at home, where application of sesame oil to body before shower, removing tan with ubtan, methi mixture applied to hair to remove body heat and smooth hair and people were mindful and included nature in their daily routine. When beauty meant balance and relaxation.

" At Brahmi we bring the best products for skin type based on Ayurveda with specific ingredients based on body types connecting customers to Indian heritage bringing them closer to ancient beauty routines"