best anti aging ingredients

The best anti-ageing ingredients that help combat wrinkles and fine lines

Ever thought of getting your hands on the best anti aging ingredients? Here’s why you should consider Ayurvedic recipes for quick and lasting results.

Aging can be daunting. Fine lines, dull skin, crow’s feet near the eyes, drooping cheeks- the stress levels are already building. Did you know that with a bit of care and the right products you can slow down signs of aging from appearing and reduce existing issues?

Here’s what we found in Ayurvedic texts for flawless skin that radiates youthfulness. A peek at the best anti aging ingredients from the vedas.

Do you want to know the best anti aging ingredients ?

Before you take the synthetic route to combat anti-ageing, we have some age old herbs that have been used from the vedic ages, to fight the ageing process. These are best anti aging ingredients that should feature in your everyday skincare.


  • Ashwagandha A very effective herb for skin problems, ashwagandha is a deep cleanser and moisturiser. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which calms and heals scars and tears on skin. A healthy and hydrated skin is the best way to prevent signs of aging.
  • Amla Eating gooseberry has been long known to reverse signs of aging. Amla is a very potent ingredient that helps reduce wrinkles and dull skin. It is also great at brightening complexion by removing pigmentation and dark spots with regular use.

Aloe vera

  • An amazing hydrating ingredient, aloe vera also has healing and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a go-to for hydration as much as we use for cuts and wounds. This property makes it clearly one of the best anti aging ingredients to be part of your antiaging skincare regimen.
  • Gotu-kola Also known as brahmi, the namesake of our brand, this small plant is a powerhouse of skin goodness. This herb contains terpenoids, which are said to be collagen boosters. Collagen helps enhance skin structure by retaining moisture and plumping skin.

Carrot seed oil

  • A much underestimated organic skin care ingredient and among the best anti aging ingredients, carrot seed oil does a lot of heavy lifting for the skin. It revitalizes and gives new life to aging skin. It contains copious amounts of Vitamin A and beta-carotene.
  • These are antioxidants that help fight free radicals and sun damage, two major drivers of skin aging. Carrot seed oil also increases skin elasticity and promotes healing of acne, rosacea and eczema.


  • This viscous oil acts as a perfect moisture barrier, mimicking that of the skin itself. Jojoba therefore is truly one of the best anti aging ingredients. joba contains protein, minerals and a collagen substitute which keeps skin hydrated for long hours.


  • The beautiful yellow haldi is the synonym of beauty and glow. Imparting your skin a wonderful yellow hue, turmeric is a storehouse of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory goodies. It is also a potent antioxidant that reduces the occurrence of signs of aging.

Best anti aging ingredients and easy to use anti-aging cream

Reversing signs of aging is far more difficult than preventing aging. We said what we said.

Therefore, your skin care should first, shield against aging and formations on fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

Reduce the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles.

What should one use and how should anti-aging ingredients be incorporated into your skin care?

Ayurveda has a hoard of the best anti aging ingredients which help combat signs of aging. Brahmi has refined age-old recipes to bring forth easy to use and effective skin care products for you. Each product is aimed at particular skin dosha.

For oily skin or kapha skin type

Oily skin is blessed with having the most less-prone to aging. Oily, plump skin requires care to make sue it’s clean and pore unclogged. Here’s where our stellar products work best.

Gentle Exfoliant for Oily Skin

Gentle is the keyword here. Your soft skin needs a fine exfoliant. We have made a refined formula with jojoba oil, rice water extract, brahmi, neem, vetiver and amla that are the best anti aging ingredients.

They also gently cleanse dead skin cells, rejuvenates your skin by improving circulation and imparting a beautiful pink glow to your face.

It rejuvenates your skin by improving circulation and imparting a beautiful pink glow to your face.

How to use:

Wet the exfoliant with water. Apply on cleansed skin in soft circular motions.

You can leave it on the skin for 10 minutes. Wipe off with a wet washcloth. Follow up with our moisturizer for oily skin.

Purifying Face Oil for Oily Skin

Known for it’s texture-improving property, our face oil is especially formulated for anti-aging.

Born of the best anti aging ingredients including almond oil, jasmine extracts, carrot seed oil, and brahmi, this face oil has a beautiful light texture and absorbs instantly onto skin.

Manjishta, holy basil and turmeric help reduce fine lines, tighten pores and remove hyperpigmentation.

How to use:

The last step of your skincare regime, the face oil can be used as both night cream as well as a face oil for a lasting glow in the morning. Dab 2-3 drops on the face. Apply all over the face till its absorbed well.

For dry skin or vata skin type

Dry skin intensely requires moisture and care to prevent signs of ageing. Using the best anti aging ingredients is important for effective skincare for dry skin. Since the skin is fine and thin, it is highly prone to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here’s what you need in your skin care regimen to help renew dull skin.

Nourishing Moisturiser for dry skin

Need a hydrating but non-greasy formula with effective anti aging ingredients? Here’s the perfect moisturizer to revive dry and dull skin throughout the day.

It has some of the best anti aging ingredients like almond oil, ribose, wheatgerm oil and rose flower extract, this moisturiser works on creating a lasting moisture barrier on your skin.

Also, our no-cast formula makes it a breeze to apply , even in conjunction with your foundation.

How to use:

Cleanse and tone dry skin well and pat dry. Immediately lather on the nourishing moisturizer. We recommend 1-2 pumps on the face and neck. Wait 30 seconds for it to absorb before applying your foundation or other products on top.

Ultimate Hydrating Face Oil for Dry Skin

Your skin can’t get enough moisture? Try our ultimate hydrating face oil which intensely supplies moisture to the skin layers and protects from hydration loss.

Our non-oily formula means no-greasy T-zone with a warm glow that highlights your skin. This is a must-have and one of the best anti aging ingredients for winter on vata skin.

How to use:

Face oils have to be used after the skin is cleansed and moisturized.

You may use it on its own or mixed with a foundation or BB cream. Apply a thin layer on face and neck and work it into the skin for best results.

For combination/sensitive skin also known as pitta skin type

Pitta skin care is now easy with Brahmi’s range of ayurvedic products with the best anti aging ingredients to combat effects of aging. Here are our top picks for you today.

Neem And Green Tea Cleanser – Sensitive/Combination Skin

For sensitive skin, a gentle yet effective cleanser is the most essential product. It can make or break your skin care regime.

For gently cleansing the skin and clearing oily T-zone, our cleanser has unique anti aging ingredients. Our Neem and green tea cleanser has the goodness of aloe vera, brahmi extracts and ashwagandha leaves your skin flawless.

How to use:

Wash the face with water. Take a pea-sized amount of the product and lather gently on the skin. Avoid agitating irritated or areas with active acne. Wash off with luke warm water.

Nourishing Moisturiser for Sensitive / Combination Skin

Combination skin is prone to damages like acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles. Our nourishing moisturiser has a hydrating formula that does not clog pores.

It nourishes your skin from within with ingredients like almond oil, sandalwood oil and lotus seed extract.

Our moisturiser helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to tighten pores, reduce hyperpigmentation within 28 days. It has the best anti aging ingredients to accelerate skin repair.

How to use:

Your go-to product when skin is feeling dry or parched. Remember to cleanse your skin if you have been out or travelling, before applying moisturiser.

You can top up the moisturiser as required.

What can you do to prevent aging at home?

We said a skincare routine is essential to prevent aging. Here are some key changes you can make in your daily life to slow down the aging process.

Drinking water frequently

Hydration is very important for skin. Water helps replenish skin moisture resulting in plump skin. Dryness causes fine lines and crows feet.

Apply sunscreen religiously

Sun damage is the biggest accelerator of skin aging. Exposure to sun for long hours can cause wrinkles and dryness. A good sunscreen with SPF 30+ is recommended when you spend the day in the sun. Also, try physical blockers like a hat or an umbrella whenever possible.

Reduce frowning

It’s easier said than done but stress causes us to frown. This in turn, in the long run, leads to the appearance of fine lines on the forehead and cheek area.

Face yoga

A new technique of exercising the face for youthful skin, face yoga with a luxurious oil like our Face oil can work wonders to contour and shape sagging skin. It also helps drain lymphatic system and improve circulation to the face.

Be happy

Your mental state reflects on your face. If you are stressed and burned out, the skin may be parched, dry and slowly showing signs of ageing. Youthful skin comes with a happy and peaceful mind. Yoga helps to reset your body and mind to a more fulfilling state.

Raw and fresh food diet

Skin needs antioxidants to renew the damage done by external factors. Rather than overcooked and grilled foods, fresh food fuels a healthy body. Cooking destroys essential nutrients in raw food. Minimal cooking or steamed foods are ideal for a healthy body and skin.

Look for collagen boosters

Collagen is the gum that keeps skin taut and plump. You can supplement your food with collagen powder for enhanced skin benefits. Collagen as a supplement is among the best anti aging ingredients available today.

Have you found your anti-aging remedy yet? Explore a wholesome range of clean skincare products now, only at Brahmi skincare.