Ultimate winter Skincare Products that you need to invest in

Why do I need different products for winter skincare? The question is obvious, and so is the answer. During normal months, your skin care can be according to your skin dosha or energies.

Come winter, the dryness element fuels its own skin problems.

skincare products for winter

Get to know all the tips and tricks of winter skincare as well as amazing product recommendations from our in-house experts.

Winter skin is delicate. Why?

Come the romantic winter, there’s a nip in the air, a longing to sleep in, the misty mornings and foggy nights-winter feeling is just amazing. But this beautiful season comes at a price for the skin.


Dry skin in winter

The most common but surely the most irritating skin issue during winter. Dryness can cause white patches, itching, and flaky skin, which gives off the look of unkempt skin.


Sebum or skin oils protects your skin from external infections. In winters, low oil production means the skin is vulnerable to infections. This causes breakouts and painful bumps on the skin.

Skin tightness

You must have felt your skin tightening while smiling in winters, right? Again, dryness and limited hydration can cause skin tightening. This accelerates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area.

Chapped lips

Your lips are even more delicate during the cold months. If not well cared for, this can cause the dreaded lines on lips, dryness, and peeling-none of which is a good look.

Aggravated eczema

The cool months are especially hard for ladies with eczema, as they tend to aggravate with the low sebum production.

Clearly, it is very important to have a skincare routine that nourishes the skin throughout the day. Although it sounds like a lot of work, it can be done effortlessly.

Skin changes for different skin type/dosha

We take a look at how different skin types react to the winter cold.

What winter does to Vata or dry skin type

Vata or dry skin is the most prone to skin issues during the colder months. This is because your skin type is thinner and retains less moisture naturally.

Vata skin is prone to skin tightness, dryness, and flakiness.

Vata skin needs intense hydration and product top-ups to get glowing skin and keep irritations at bay.

What winter does to pitta or sensitive skin type

Sensitive skin has a love-hate relationship with winter. While the T-zone oil production reduces during the winter months, you may be susceptible to dry and parched skin around your mouth and eyes.

What winter does to kapha or oily skin type

Oily skin loves winter. Naturally, the excess sebum that causes greasiness tunes down. But if you’re prone to acne or eczema, you may see them aggravated during the cold.

2023’s 5 best skincare products for winter in India

At Brahmi, we understand that skin care is transient and has to be tweaked every season for every skin type. Here are our best winter products that are a must-have in your bag as well as in your everyday skincare regime.

Face oil for dry skin

Face oil for dry skin

If there’s one product that can’t be skipped if you suffer from winter dryness, it’s this. Our ultimate hydrating face oil is one of our top sellers and for good reason. If you dread the arrival of winter because of dull skin, tightness, and flakey patches, this face oil needs to be in your skincare.

In this oil, you’ll find hydrating jojoba and olive oil infused with brahmi, turmeric root oil, and rose for a beautiful and lasting winter skincare in just a few drops.

Best recommended for those with dry or vata skin type, for the harsh winters, we say you look at how much your skin is reacting to the cold, and use the product accordingly.

Purifying Face oil for oily skin

If you have pitta or kapha skin which is combination or oily skin, your skin can use some extra hydration, but not too much. For your skin type, our Purifying face oil is the best hydrating formula.

Nourishing moisturiser

After a gentle cleanse on a winter morning, your skin needs intense hydration. Use our nourishing moisturizer with brahmi, ashwagandha, and rose extracts. It gently seeps into the skin layers giving ample hydration throughout the day.

Cleanser for sensitive skin

Cleansing is a big deal in winters. In the sense that it has to be done carefully and only when required. Winter skin is delicate so intense exfoliation, double cleaning and a harsh cleanser are definitely a No. We recommend our gentle cleanser for sensitive skin with green tea and neem extracts.

gentle cleanser for sensitive skin

Moisturizer for sensitive skin- One of the best skincare products for winter

Sensitive skin ladies, do stick to our nourishing moisturiser for sensitive skin during the winters. You can go ahead and apply a second layer of the product to seal your skin with moisture.

Indian winter skin care routine

During winters, you need to slightly tweak your skincare and products.

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Look at how your skin is taking the winter. What symptoms is it showing? Change your skincare to better adapt to the skin’s needs.

Skincare routine for winter skin

Moisturise as and when needed: Don’t be shy to top up with your favourite moisturizer if the skin gets dry during the day.

Oil massage frequently: A good oil massage helps hydrate deep layers of the skin for lasting moisturization. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the winter months. Use our indulgent face oils which are truly some of the best skin care products for winter in India.

DIY recipes: Apply a milk and honey mask, or a green tea mask to soothe and hydrate your skin if you have a day off.

Cleanse gently: You can wait for the summer months to go for heavy-duty cleansers. Winters calls for gentle and calming cleansers.

Exfoliate sparingly: If you can skip your weekly exfoliation, the better. Only exfoliate if your skin is especially dry and flaky.

Hydrate from inside: You may notice your water intake decrease in the winter. Ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for healthy body and skin.

Did you enjoy our winter skincare tips? Did we miss any? We hope you loved our recommendations. Happy winter shopping!