Top skincare lifestyle changes for kapha or oily skin type

Do you know about the Kapha skincare lifestyle? Change to an Ayurvedic lifestyle and good skincare, and see your skin healthier than ever.

Kapha oily skin

You may have been suffering with pimples and greasy skin all your life. Trust us, listening to your body and making conscious changes to your lifestyle can result in a stark difference in your skin health.

Today we break down all you need to know about reviving your skin.

Understanding Kapha dosha and your skin

Did you know kapha skin type is the least prone to ageing? It’s such a bonus to have kapha or oily skin type.

But, on the downside comes greasiness and oiliness that cause pimples and acne. It can be such a hassle.

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In Ayurveda, kapha skin is said to be ruled by Prithvi (earth)and apas(water). Kapha skin is thick, smooth, and hydrated and mostly has large pores.

Your skin type is more resilient meaning sagging, wrinkles, and sun damage don’t affect kapha skin type as much as others. This doesn’t mean you can skip skin care.

Diligent and conscious lifestyle efforts and select skin products help moderate excess oil production and reduce the clogging of pores and blackheads.

Skincare that starts from within

How does kapha dosha influence beauty and lifestyle? An imbalance of kapha dosha makes your glowing skin dull, spotted, and greasy. Balancing your dosha starts with changing your diet habits, exercise and having a stress-free mental state.

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Here are the steps that you can follow;

Clean up your diet

How to?

Oily food is a no-no for kapha or oily skin types. That makes perfect sense, right? Processed or packaged foods like bread, cake, and pre-cooked foods disrupt your kapha balance and affect your skin. Also, try to avoid or reduce use of dairy products.

What to eat: Fresh and raw vegetables are great for your skin. Prefer to have green leafy veggies like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc., in your diet. As for fruits, you can have apples, watermelon, and pomegranates to correct your dosha. One must be vigilant to always eat warm foods and of the quality of the produce.

Go for stimulating spices

You can add select spices in the food like cinnamon, black pepper, and mustard seeds which help regulate your dosha.

Water for healthy skin

You should drink at least 1 L of water in the day to keep your skin hydrated.

Regulate your bedtime

The best time for you to hit the bed is 10 PM, so that you can wake up fresh before the sun rises. This is the prescribed sleep and wake up time for this dosha.


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Start your day with rapid Surya Namaskaras, upto 20 times, in the morning to energize your body.

Your body type loves intense workouts. So rather than slow walks, opt for a favorite hobby that gets the sweat running. Dancing, HIIT, running and swimming are great options. A good exercise routine helps dislodge dirt and grime in pores of your skin.

Face and body massage

Your skin and body benefits immensely from regular massage. Face yoga is one of the newest holistic lifestyle skincare concepts that help improve circulation, drain the lymphatic system, reduce puffiness and sculpt the muscles of the face.

If you follow a very aggressive and active daily life, here’s how you can take care of your skin.

Finding “your” routine for skincare and lifestyle

When you have a busy schedule, the question is, “How to find time for your skin care?”. Chart out your day on paper, and you’ll find time(maybe just 10 minutes) to indulge in skin care. This is preferably after your workout is done. After a quick bath, you can start to layer on your skin care for the day. Brahmi’s classic Ritual boxes make it hassle free for you to follow a beauty routine.

Investing in high quality Ayurvedic skincare


Ayurvedic products have long lasting effects on your skin and help heal your skin issues from its root causes. We recommend you check out Brahmi’s range of simple and minimal organic skin care based fully on herbal ingredients.

Cleaning up after your workout

Workout can be intense and get your body heated up. Also, the extra sweating opens up your pores. It is a good practice to finish off your workout and then do your skin care rituals. If you have blackheads or whiteheads, post workout is a good time to cleanse them off.

Ready to change your oily, greasy skin to fresh and radiant youthful skin with skincare lifestyle tweaks? Shop Brahmi’s range today!