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Know How to get celebrity skin

Who hasn’t wished to have celebrity skin? How do they look so flawless and absolutely like a goddess? We take you through the insider secrets, truth bombs, and unique skincare hacks that really work for your skin.

Here’s the truth about celebrity’s beautiful skin

As much as you love your favourite celebrity or their celebrity skin, you should know that celebrities invest a lot of time and money on their appearance.

This includes pamper sessions at spas, expensive facials, massages, and chemical treatments to enhance their beauty. Some even go under the knife to get accentuated jawlines, flawless skin, enhanced features and remove sagging.

As for us, we can get close to perfect skin with the right skin care, sans breaking our budget.

Want to know a well kept secret to great skin? It’s consistency or following a rigorous routine.

Ayurvedic routines for flawless glow on your skin

When you look at Ayurvedic texts for skin care, you find that beauty is defined by 3 concepts. varṇa, chāyā, and prabhā.

varṇa, chāyā, and prabhā.

Varṇa is translated as colour but it means more than that. It encompasses everything about radiant and healthy skin.

Chāyā means complexion. It is the component that talks about the tone of the skin.

Prabhā explains the brilliance and brightness of the face.

How to get celebrity-like skin?

You must have wondered often-How do celebrities have perfect skin? It’s not all home remedies and lotions but surgeries and intense facials.

We wouldn’t recommend you get surgeries or do intense chemical peels that leave a hole in your pocket. Let’s talk about sustainable, easy to do and lasting skin care regimes that enhance and brighten the skin.

Ayurveda doshas

Here is how you can get started:

  • Do a checkup of the skin
  • Finding the skin dosha can be life-changing
  • Only buy the right product and stick to minimal ingredients
  • Don’t go by celebrity propaganda-it’s a farce for camera

What are some tricks to enhance beauty of the skin

A good routine and the right products can get you on the way to get celebrity like skin. By this we mean skin that glows from within. Here are some intentional steps you can take throughout the day to get absolutely gorgeous skin at a fraction of the price celebs pay.

Start skin care with the right cleanser

Most people tend to think a good cleanse is when the skin feels like paper afterwards. Nothing is far from the truth. A great cleanser will remove dirt and grime, and retains enough oil on the skin to protect it.

Wash your face

Put sun protection as priority

Ever wondered why you never spot celebrities out without a sunglass? Well, for looks of course, but more than that, it’s to avoid sun damage to the eyes and skin around the eyes.

Skin around the eyes is especially delicate, and therefore prevention is better than cure. As for your skin, it is imperative that you use sunscreen, whether it’s rainy or sunny.

Take supplements, if you have deficiency

People who have dull or flaky skin on your face, usually have Vitamin deficiency which fuels skin irritation. You can consult your dermatologist and ask her if you should be taking supplements.

Treat the root cause of the skin issue

Acne, pimples, hyperpigmentation etc., on your face can be related to underlying issues like PCOS, hormonal imbalance or even dehydration. If you have skin issues that occur year round, it’s best to talk to a doctor and correct your problem.

Top natural remedies for acne prone skin

Buy high-quality home-grown products for your skin

detox your skin

We can’t stress this enough. One of the skin sins that we all do is using the wrong product for our skin, or using products that harm our skin.

It is therefore recommended to always shop skin care from brands like Brahmi, where we understand your skin dosha and have customized products to meet your skin needs. We’re also made in small batches according to requirement. This makes our products even most potent and luxurious to use on skin.

Do not use products you’re not sure of

When we spend a good amount of time on the internet, it’s most likely we end up buying skin care products just because it was marketed well. If a product doesn’t agree with your skin, always stop using it.

Invest in monthly massage and spa sessions

A face massage can be as relaxing as a holiday by the beach. Spending money on massages is justified, if you want beautiful glowing skin. But be sure to use organic ingredients and trusted face oils for the massage. You can carry your own face oil to the parlour as well.

Invest in monthly massage and spa sessions

Take up face massages as part of the routine

We love face massages on a daily basis to sculpt the face and drain the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness. You can find amazing face massages that can remove fine lines and wrinkles on everyday practice.

Try using a face oil for glowing skin

We truly love our face oils. Lightweight, full of amazing organic actives, and luxurious in scent, you can use a face oil to wrap up the skin care routine. Our face oil helps give skin that “glow from within” look, while working on reducing hyperpigmentation and signs of aging.

Try using a face oil for glowing skin, Celebrity skin

Do ice splash for your special days

Celebrities started it, and it’s a great way to jumpstart the skin in the morning. Here’s how you do it. Get a big bowl and fill it will ice cold water. Dunk your face in it for a couple of seconds and done. This process tightens pores, improves circulation, and enhances skin health instantly.

Use minimal and high quality makeup only

For those who use makeup frequently, we recommend you switch to organic brands and transition to a light makeup for everyday. As your skin gets better, light makeup is probably all you need as well. High quality products don’t clog pores, and have lower chances of reacting with your skin and causing irritations.

Drink plenty of water

If you need to see the difference water can do for your skin, you should try water therapy for 2 weeks. You’ll notice having fewer breakouts and glowing skin that is plumper than usual.

Switch to a vegetarian diet

Switch to a vegetarian diet, Celebrity skin

Fruits and vegetables, preferably organic ones are the best food to feed your skin. Try to add a fruit smoothie or a colourful salad in your daily routine. Switch from oily snacks to delicious home-grown fruits for tea-time.

Mindful living

Stress fuels a lot of your skin problems. If you work in a high stress environment, try to make yoga a practice. You can start with surya namaskars in the morning and include breathing exercises when stress levels build.

DIY recipes

Go back to easy recipes that mom prepares in the kitchen for glowing skin. Haldi-honey mask, cucumber mask, sandalwood and honey mask, lemon and yogurt masks are great to improve hydration and heal irritations on your skin.

Try slugging for enhanced glow

Do you know about slugging? Slugging is the process of ending your skincare with a lavish dash of viscous oil like jojoba or olive oil, or emollient to seal in the actives for the night. By morning, your skin wakes up brighter, nourished, and plumper.

If you have oily skin or if the process clogs your pores, stop immediately.

Clog pores solution Celebrity skin
Drink haldi milk before bed

The haldi-milk our grandparents used to ask us to drink(and which we refused without compromise) is one of the best things for skin and body. Haldi helps fight infections and enhance gut health. No wonder it’s trending even in western countries today.

Maintain a good temperature in the room you sleep

High temperature and sweat can cause your skin to clog and reduce the efficacy of your skincare. Try to maintain a good temperature for peaceful sleep.

Maintain a good temperature in the room you sleep
Use clean silk pillow covers

Often neglected, our pillow cover can harbour a lot of dirt, bacteria and dust which directly comes in contact with the face. When you’ve done an extensive skincare, and then end up lying down on a shabby pillowcase, it’s counterproductive. Invest in a clean satin pillow cover which is gentle on skin.

Which skincare regime are you adding to your routine for glowing celebrity-like skin? Shop organic home grown products at www.brahmiskincare.com