Top 3 best Ayurvedic skincare products that you “Need” in your skincare routine now!

Are you searching for Ayurvedic skincare products that can enhance your skincare routine with a modern twist? Look no further than Brahmi, which is a magical ingredient that enriches and soothes the skin with natural goodness.

Our skincare line is packed with Brahmi herb extract, and here are the top picks from our store, as well as why they work wonders.

Ultimate Hydrating Face Oil For Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin and flakiness, Brahmi’s Ultimate hydrating face oil for dry skin is your answer to supple and radiant skin.

Our face oil includes a concoction of light oils, such as mulethi oil and jojoba oil, infused with the goodness of Brahmi herb extract.

Why Is Face Oil An Essential Element Of Vata Skin Care Routine?

Face oil is an essential element of a vata skin care routine because the skin is unable to hold moisture, resulting in dryness.

Seal in the moisture with a hydrating pampering face oil to prevent water molecules from escaping the skin surface.

Our face oil also helps reduce the appearance of dry skin patches, soothes irritated skin, and gives you a lasting glow.

Meet the ingredients

The ingredients in Brahmi’s Ultimate hydrating face oil for dry skin include Sunflower seed oil, Jojoba Oil, Mulethi Oil, luxurious Rose Flower Extract, Holy Basil Leaf Extract, Brahmi Herb Extract, and Vitamin E.

How to use?

To use, cleanse your face, moisturize well, and apply the face oil generously while massaging it onto your skin.

Neem and Green Tea Cleanser for Sensitive or Combination Skin

Our Neem and Green Tea Cleanser is an excellent cleanser that combines neem, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and green tea, which has relaxing effects.

This gentle cleanser is perfect for sensitive or combination skin.

Meet the ingredients

The ingredients in this cleanser include neem and green tea as the major actives, as well as liquorice root oil, Ashwagandha root extract, and the fragrance of Jasmine flower.

Why it’s the best skincare for the face?

Sensitive skin needs to be handled carefully, and cleansing with harsh ingredients can cause bad reactions and breakouts.

Brahmi’s carefully selected Ayurvedic ingredients ensure that your cleanser does the job while being super-light and gentle on your skin.

Brahmi’s carefully selected Ayurvedic ingredients ensure that your cleanser does the job while being super-light and gentle on your skin.

Gentle Exfoliant for Sensitive or Combination skin

No matter what your skin type is, exfoliation is a must. The key is to tailor the frequency of exfoliation to your skin type and use gentle products that don’t cause micro-tears on your skin.

Meet the ingredients

Brahmi’s Gentle Exfoliant for sensitive or combination skin, made for pitta skin type, is an excellent choice.

The main exfoliating ingredient in this product is finely ground walnut shell powder.

This exfoliant also contains Neem extract, Jasmine Flower extract, and Lotus flower extract to make the experience truly a pleasurable one.

How often do you use this exfoliant?

For sensitive skin, we recommend exfoliating once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

Ayurvedic Skincare Products


In conclusion, if you’re searching for Ayurvedic skincare products, Brahmi’s skincare line is an excellent choice.

Our products are made with natural ingredients, including Brahmi herb extract, and they work wonders to enhance your skincare routine.

Try out our top picks today!