Unveiling the best clean beauty products for dry skin

Clean beauty products for dry skin isn’t as hard to find as you might think. This beauty trend is all about using products that aren’t toxic to you as well as the environment and are especially great for those with dry, chapped skin.

If you’re just getting started, we have here the best products and ingredients you just can have in your vanity for beautiful, glowing skin with minimal effort and zero guilt.

A trusted gentle cleanser is a good beauty product for Dry skin

Rose and Tulsi Face Cleanser

Cleansing is very important whether you spend a good portion of your day outside or just stay indoors. With the summer upon us, cleansing right is crucial to flawless skin. 

Starting your day with a nice gentle cleanser can really help brighten you up. We recommend that you use our specially formulated Vata gentle cleanser enriched with luxurious rose and holy tulsi. If you are outdoors a lot, make sure that you double cleanse at night to wash off all the pollution and grime and give your skin a chance to breathe.

Ending note: Dry skin folks, don’t cleanse your skin so that it’s squeaky clean. Cleanse just enough and never forget to include moisturizer as part of your dry skincare routine.

Mist a light and refreshing toner

Toner is definitely something that will give you an instant dose of freshness as well as tighten your pores. Look out for gentle toners with a spray head so that you can spritz it on throughout the day when your skin is feeling parched. Ingredients to look for? Aloe Vera and green tea are some of the best ingredients for dry skin in this summer heat. You can also use rose water-based toners for the beautiful aroma.

A rich organic moisturiser is your skin's saviour

Your skin needs the lavish pampering of a moisturizer. Once you have cleansed, wipe your skin just enough to stop the water from dripping, mist on your toner, wait for it to settle, and then apply your moisturizer. Remember to generously massage it onto your skin layers. It’s always great idea to go for an Ayurvedic formulation for your moisturizer. Check out Brahmi’s hot-selling vata face moisturizer with the goodness of almond oil, vitamin E, and Rose flower extract for plump, glowy skin.

Finish the routine with the gorgeous Face Oil

Face Oil for Dry Skin

Feeling like your skin is missing that sunkissed glow? Face oil is the new superstar of beauty products for dry skin, which work incredibly well to hold moisture in your skin for longer periods and give you that dewy look. You can also use pure almond oil or jojoba oil but they may cause you to break out. It is always best to use lighter oils that don’t clog pores and you can find a great one at Brahmi as well.

Don't forget the sunscreen

Prevention is better than cure. So if you are stepping out, make it a habit to dab on sunscreen. Since we have hash sun here in India, we recommend nothing less that SPF 30 for good protection. Sun damage is hard to reverse, so never forget to dab on your skin protection. 

Keep those lips plump with organic oils

We seldom forget to indulge our lips in skincare and it’s only when are about to don some lipstick that e worry about that cracked lip. Easy solution? Before you start your make makeup, make a quick mix of honey and sugar and exfoliate your lips. Leave it on till you finish the makeup for smooth skin. For the long term, after your nightmare routine dab a bot of olive oil or coconut oil as you hit the bed and wake up to baby soft lips!

Which is your favourite product out of these? Let us now shop our Ayurvedic range for dry skin at www.brahmiskincare.com