How to pamper and nourish Indian skin with Ayurvedic skincare products

If you have always been a fan of Ayurvedic products, kudos to you. Even if you are making the switch just now also, it’s not too late. Ayurvedic, organic skincare is made of the finest ingredients that are especially suited for Indian skin. So where do we get started? Here’s our quick guide to exploring Ayurveda for flawless skin.

Choosing the right ayurvedic products

There is no one size fits all everybody in ayurveda. Everyone has different skin types and bodily compositions which are mainly divided into 3 doshas-Vata, pitta and kapha. These are the ruling principles that guide the making oily-skinned of Brahmi products for each of our clients. You can of course understand the disaster if an oily skinned person uses a moisturiser for dry skin, right?

Knowing your Doshas

As mentioned earlier, it is important to know your doshas or energies which govern your body. If you belong to Vata dosha category, you may be prone to dry skin with fine lines and dry patches. If you are pitta skin type, you may have sensitive skin which is frequented by acne, rashes and exaggerated skin reactions to products and environmental triggers. Talking about the kapha skin type, your skin may be excessively oily during the summers and clogged pores are constantly popping up acne.

What are actives in skincare?

Whenever you buy a beauty product, it’s always important to go through the ingredients list.

Don’t go by the branding or fancy words like “natural”, “anti-ageing” or “ayurvedic”, because more often than not, these products are usually loaded with harsh chemicals. Flip your bottle and look for the composition. Usually, the products are listed in the order of decreasing quantity. This means you can find the active ingredients in the middle or towards the end of the ingredient list as they are potent and are present in smaller quantities.

Daily skincare routine plus weekly DIY pampering

Skincare doesn’t end with your morning and nighttime routine. Take the time out to lavish your face once or twice a week(Put that down in your calendar!) with these ayurvedic skin care tips. Go for a soothing mask on the weekend or a deep exfoliation to get rid of pollution once a week. Spend a long day in the sun, come home and chill with a nourishing honey mask as you whip up dinner.

Keep a minimal skincare routine with less than 10 products

We have all heard of 50 product skincare routines of celebrities. Who has time for that(and money?). Frankly, celebrities invest a lot in expensive procedures and chemical peels to get that perfect glow and no 20 or 50 step routine is going to get us there. Excessive skincare use can have the opposite effect and destroy the healthy ecosystem we have on our skin. We recommend using up to 10 skincare products to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin on a daily basis.

Using a skincare product continuously for atleast 2 months for best results

Switching between a bunch of different skincare products within a month can have detrimental effects on your skin. Dermatologists say that you need to use a product for at least two months to see the results. It is also easier on the pocket for you so make sure you finish a bottle(given you don’t have bad reactions to it) and don’t rush to see immediate results.

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