Skincare tips for holi

Holi hai! The Best skincare Tips for Holi

Holi is right around the corner and skincare tips for Holi should be on your mind, right?

It’s a day of immense celebration and joy , but also dread for the skin reactions afterwards. We’ve got you covered.

For those obsessed with skincare(and who hate eruptions and itchy skin post the Holi color affair), we have come up with time-tested products, easy skincare rituals and DIY pre-Holi skin preps.

Let’s get your skin luminous and keep it that way even after the festivities are over!

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Because this year the makeup trend is minimal and glow skin(Kiara Advani’s wedding look is the gold standard today, isn’t it?). For minimal makeup, you need clear and glowing skin. Read on to find out how to achieve it,

Why does skin need pre and post Holi care?

Holi is such a joyous time to spend with friends and family. You want to look your best on this occasion, as you don your favourite attire, click memories and munch on plentiful mithai.

Also for,

Luminous glowing no-makeup looks

While you wear bright colors studded with shiny embroidery, your skin must shine from within, right? Heavy makeup is so yesterday. When your skin looks flawless, all you need is a bit of lipstick and mascara on your eyes, and you’re good to go.

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To combat damage by harmful Holi colours

Holi colors have the reputation of being full of chemicals. If you want to go the eco-friendly route, you can also buy organic rang or make your own by dying coconut scrapings.

Anyway, colour burdening your skin can cause clogged pores and skin reactions. Sensitive-skin ladies are especially prone to itching and redness post a day of Holi celebrations.

For preventing sun damage on the day

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The festvial of rang lasts the whole day and even spills over to the day preceding and succeeding. It’s only obvious that you’ll be spending a good amount of time in the scorching sun as well as you delight in the colour play. Sun damage can cause irreparable effects, so protection is absolutely necessary.

Prepping and skincare tips for Holi

So how does one prep their skin for the festival?

Here’s a quick look at skin care tips for glowing skin

Start with a good cleanse:

If your face is dull and lacklustre, we recommend a double cleanse to start of your skincare. You can use a DIY cleanser like multani mitti and honey to gently rub off debris. Follow it up with a gentle cleanser for clean skin.

Exfoliate for smooth skin:

A good exfoliation helps bring out new skin cells while shedding old and dull layer. Always exfoliate at least 2-3 days before the actual event.

Moisturise well:

Do not be scanty with your moisturiser. Especially in the dry season, take 2-3 pumps of moisturizer and apply it to the damp skin. Don’t forget to wait for it to absorb well before using the next product.

Face oil for glow:

Face oil to remove holi colors and make face fresh

Here’s the gamechanger. A face oil illuminates and hydrates skin from within. You can try our lightweight and intensely hydrating face oil to seal in your moisturiser.

Detox your skin post Holi celebrations

When all the fun is done with, it’s time to clean up your face to avoid irritations. Here are some effective Holi skincare tips.

  • Be gentle on your skin and keep it clean:
  • Excessive scrubbing and too many products can cause imbalance on your face.
  • Clean your skin as soon as possible:Once the festivities are over, don’t forget to cleanse and moisturise soon. Don’t let the colours sit on your face for too long.
  • Use a natural makeup remover:
  • Irritated skin don’t need more chemicals being bombarded on it. Use an oil like coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil to instantly take off all your makeup. Remember to cleanse thoroughly after.
  • Sleep with minimal products:Since your skin and pores were clogged all day from playing Holi, we recommend you keep nighttime products away for a couple of nights, and just use a moisturiser to sleep in.

Luxury Ritual boxes- The best Holi gift

If you’ve been a fan of Brahmi skincare, you know it’s the right gift for your best friend or mom.

Our ritual boxes make the perfect gift on Holi with the best skincare formula and gorgeous packaging.

They say it’s love when you gift Brhami’s luxurious Ritual boxes

Curious about which one to pick? Just ask your loved one for their skin type, and pick the suitable one. Here’s the complete range.

Dry Skin or Vata Ritual Box

  • Our dry skin ritual box is curated with products that help restore oil, enhance skin collagen and give an even tone.

The Box has

  • Rose and Tulsi face cleanser
  • Gentle exfoliant for dry skin
  • Nourishing Moisturiser for dry skin
  • Ultimate hydrating face oil for dry skin

Use each of the products step by step, and you have a great and simple skincare routine ready.

Sensitive/Combination skin or Pitta Ritual Box

This box is aimed at carefully cleansing and relaxing sensitive skin.

It consists of

  • Neem and Green Tea cleanser for sensitive/combination skin
  • Gentle exfoliant for sensitive/combination skin
  • Nourishing moisturiser for sensitive/combination skin
  • Soothing face oil for sensitive/combination skin

Because sensitive skin needs great care and organic ingredients to heal and thrive.

Oily or Kapha Skin Ritual Box

Aimed at reducing excess oil production on skin and helping reduce acne scars, this box is a hit among our patrons.

It Consists Of

  • Vetiver and Apricot Cleanser for oily skin
  • Gentle exfoliant for oily skin
  • Nourishing moisturiser for oily skin
  • Purifying face oil for oily skin


What are some Holi skincare tips for your skin and hair?

These are some of the best Holi skin care tips you can try:

  • Apply sunscreen-Do not forget to apply it on face, neck and hands to prevent sun damage.
  • Only use water based skincare products for your Holi skincare.
  • Always wear sunglasses while playing Holi in the day, as the skin round eyes are irritated fast.
  • Carefully and gently wash off Holi colors all over your body as soon as possible.
  • Try to get rid of colors using natural oils like coconut or jojoba oil which are also good for your skin.
  • Use a gentle cleanser of the organic kind, and never rub the skin too hard.
  • As for your hair, keep as little oil as possible on your hair during Holi. Afterwards, apply champi on your hair, and wash to get rid of Holi colours.

How can we remove Holi from skin?

Different Holi colours remove at different rates. Here are some tips you can try:

Make a mixture of multani mitti and oil and lather on damp skin. Wash off with water. Repeat if needed.

Simply an oil can sometimes remove less stubborn Holi colours.

For stronger colors, use a mix of coconut oil, honey and lemon juice, and lather on face with a brush. Do circular motions and wash it off.

Does Holi colour damage skin?

Holi colours may have harsh chemicals which soak into the skin layers and cause skin damage. 

It may also clog pores, especially if you have oily skin, and cause black heads and acne. 

If not washed off properly, the Holi colours can sit on your face, interact with a skin care product, and aggravate your skin. 

Do Holi colours cause acne?

If Holi colors are not washed off properly with a good cleanser, or if you have sensitive skin, they can cause acne.

For sensitive skinned folks, always remember to wash off the colours as soon as the celebrations are over. The longer it sits on the skin, the more harmful.

We so hope you loved our skin care tips for Holi. Hold your head high, shine from within and have an amazing Holi!