Best products for amazing ritual skin care

Essential products and ingredients for an amazing skincare routine

If you thought a morning ritual skin care is enough for your skin health, well, think again! At Brahmi skin care, we think the nighttime skin care routine is as important or even a bit more effective in dealing with and healing skin issues.

Here’s our take on the ritual of skin care, how to ace them, what products to use and how to create your own unique skin regimen.

Understanding what skin care ritual meaning is to you?

We’ve always said discipline is the cornerstone of good skin. You could use the best of products, but still starve to get results if you aren’t consistent. Ritual skin care is an everyday practice, requiring ingredients and products that target each of your skin issues.

Your skin care ritual should be

  • Using organic ingredients that are safe for your skin
  • Exact remedies for your skin problems
  • Must suit your skin dosha
  • It should be a relaxing experience
  • Simple and hassle-free
  • Ritual skin care based on Ayurveda. The ritual of morning and night-time skin care should have clean beauty products formulated in small batches.

Which ritual skin care sets should you purchase for your skin?

The first step to great skin is evaluating what you are currently doing for your skin.

Is it working for you? What is missing? Know your skin goals. Are you looking to improve your skin texture or combat acne? Do you want to reduce oiliness or restore oil balance in your dry skin? Are you looking for youthful skin or to combat sun damage?

Another important aspect is your skin/body dosha. An imbalance of your dosha is the prime suspect in most skin issues.

Eg: Folks with vata dosha tend to have thin skin. A slight imbalance of the dosha can manifest as dryness and flaky skin.

Ayurveda is the guide to holistic healing for skin conditions. It recommends a balanced diet, consumption of enough water, exercise, and good hygiene for healthy body and mind. Your skin care regime should be carefully curated to cure and nourish your particular skin type and issues.

At Brahmi, we have an extensive range of rituals skin care sets for vata, pitta and kapha skin type. The choice extends for morning and night time ritual boxes for each skin type.

In the box, you can find a cleanser, moisturiser, face oil and exfoliant. These are the essential items one must have in their minimal everyday skin care treatment.

Should I use both morning and evening skin care routines?

Ideally yes. Morning and nighttime skin care rituals are meant to do different things.

For you, the morning skin care routine is about refreshing your skin and sealing in moisture for a long day. Night-time routine, on the other hand, is about deep healing and resetting the damage of the day. Your nighttime ritual should be more extensive with deep cleansing followed by treatments to target your issues.

Are the ritual of skincare different for different skin types?

The ritual of caring for your body and skin is a sacred one. You have to be in a peaceful state of mind and have an open mind towards your treatments.

We have defined a simple skin care ritual that you can follow every day for youthful vibrant skin.

Start with a good cleanse

Cleansing sets the ground for all your succeeding treatments. Ingredients in the cleanser should feel relaxing and aimed at removing dirt and unclogging pores.

For vata skin, the cleanser has to be mild and oil-based. As for pitta and kapha, your cleanser’s main job is to remove oil and regulate the moisture barrier while removing gunk.

Tone it right

Use a natural toner. You can easily DIY a toner be it a fresh concoction of aloe vera juice and water or green tea or the much-loved gulab jal. It instantly refreshes skin and adds a spritz of moisture.


Recommended to do 2-3 times a week, a good exfoliation is the key to flawless, smooth skin.

Exfoliants work at 3 levels.

First, it removes physical debris like dead skin cells and dirt deposits.

Then, it strips away excess oil with ingredients in the exfoliant like green gram flour and multani mitti.

Finally, if you try our range of exfoliants for vata, pitta and kapha skin type, they are infused with ashwagandha, frankincense and brahmi. These help improve circulation, improve hydration and heal irritation in the skin.

Moisturizer is a must

Be it dry skin or oily, a good moisturiser is the best healer and anti aging remedy. Remember to lather on less product on the skin when it is sweltering hot and pack on more through the day during winters.

Face oil for the ultimate glow

Complimenting your skin care routine with a subtle yet noticeable glow, a face oil is a luxurious investment worth its weight in gold. Brahmi’s face oil range includes purifying face oil for oily skin, soothing face oil for combination skin and ultimate hydrating face oil for dry skin.

Meet our skincare ritual boxes

Looking for easy and effective skincare rituals? Brahmi has just the ones for you. Here’s our range of ritual skin care boxes

Sensitive/combination Ritual box

This special box is aimed at carefully cleansing and relaxing sensitive skin. Our Combination skincare ritual box has amazing rituals skincare reviews and our clients swear by it.

It consists of

  • Neem and Green Tea cleanser for sensitive/combination skin
  • Gentle exfoliant for sensitive/combination skin
  • Nourishing moisturiser for sensitive/combination skin
  • Soothing face oil for sensitive/combination skin

Dry skin ritual box

  • For dry skin, we have curated products that help restore oil, enhance skin collagen and give even tone.

The box consists of

  • Rose and Tulsi face cleanser
  • Gentle exfoliant for dry skin
  • Nourishing Moisturiser for dry skin
  • Ultimate hydrating face oil for dry skin

Oily skin Ritual box

Aimed at reducing excess oil production on skin and helping reduce acne scars, this box is a hit among our patrons.

It consists of

  • Vetiver and Apricot Cleanser for oily skin
  • Gentle exfoliant for oily skin
  • Nourishing moisturiser for oily skin
  • Purifying face oil for oily skin

Thinking about revamping your ritual skin care using Ayurvedic products? Explore our range of ultimate skin care products for all skin types today.