Confused about Combination skincare? Ayurveda leads the way

The ultimate skincare kit for combination skin is here. Curious? Let’s find out!

Combination skin is a challenge as long as you don’t know how to choose skin care products for combination skin.

On some days, your skin feels like it’s on its best behaviour, on other days it’s total chaos. Been there? We’re talking about combination skincare. A skin type which is a tipsy balance between dry and oily skin , you may find it hard to manage. We’re making things easy for you & the results will surprise you.

Brahmi takes the Ayurvedic route to break down combination skincare for you.

Understanding combination skin

When we say combination skin, we’re talking about those skin types which go dry and flaky by winter yet come summer, your T-zone is a greasy mess. Combination skin is when parts of your skin have an overproduction of sebum or skin oils, giving rise to clogged pores and blackheads in certain areas. Mostly driven by genetic factors and your skin dosha, these are aggravated by hormonal changes and weather.

Combination skin

In Ayurveda, combination skin can be considered to be pitta dosha. This dosha is domainated by the fire(tejas) and water(apas) elements.

When pitta skin type is in a balanced state(ideal), it is sensitive yet clear and radiates warm colors.

An imbalance of pitta dosha results in exaggerated oil production in areas leading to acne, eczema,  inflammation etc.

what’s the best skin care routine for combination skin for combination skin?

Establishing a clean beauty routine which is right for your skin forms the basis of good skincare. As tricky as it may feel, here are some quick tips to tackle combination skin.

  • Understand and accept your skin. Having a negative attitude towards your skin will have detrimental effects on your skin health. Your skincare only works when you believe in it. So let’s start with a clear and hopeful mind.
  • Use clean, organic products. Chemical laden cosmetics and skincare products do more harm than good aggravating your sensitive skin. Organic ingredients are gentle on skin. At Brahmi, our formula is also specifically engineered for your skin type/dosha making it the best pick for combination skin.
  • Keep it simple: You may feel like scrubbing the life out of your T-zone, but it just makes things worse. Stripping skin of oil signals the brain to make more oil.
  • Have a simple routine. CTM-Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser is the best for beginners. You can also add a weekly scrub like Brahmi’s combination skin for a good cleanse.

what are the best skincare products for combination skin?

If you’re searching everywhere trying to get hold of the right skincare for you, here are our quick hacks.

  • Don’t go by advertisement, go by quality

The best products are ones that use high quality ingredients, manufactured in small batches according to requirement.

  • Locally produced skincare

Be it food or skincare, the best ingredients for your skin are the ones that are grown in your area. You needn’t invest in that expensive crème from Paris for radiant skin. Ayurvedic ingredients and recipes have been the ultimate in skincare and continue to do wonders in the long run.

  • Experiment with one product at a time

Don’t jump into changing all of your products at the same time. Try one product, see the results for a month and then change the next product.

What are the best skincare products for combination skin?

We love skin care passed on through generations. They are simple, trusted and formulated with the best of herbs. This is why all Brahmi skincare range is based in Ayurvedic recipes, uses organic ingredients and tailored to your skin type or dosha.

Here are our favorite products for combination skin that are a “must buy”

Gentle Exfoliant for Sensitive / Combination Skin

Our gentle exfoliant is a great product to use for combination skin. Featuring very fine ground walnut shell powder for physical exfoliation combined with the goodness of Vetiver, Sandalwood oil, saffron and Brahmi extract.

Our scrub is  best for your weekly exfoliation and is easy to use. Just make a paste with water and lather on the fragrant mixture. Leave it on for 3 minutes and wash for glowing skin.

Neem And Green Tea Cleanser for Sensitive/Combination Skin
gentle cleanser for sensitive skin

A good cleanser is a life saver for those with combination skin. It forms the basis of your skincare. Any product you use is going to work on top of the clean skin. If your cleanser is too dry, you are left with parched skin, which has micro tears that in turn lead to inflammation and itching. Brahmi’s Neem and Green tea cleanser is made of chosen organic ingredients to clean your skin yet, retain a healthy oil balance on your face.

Active ingredients include Neem Seed Oil, Saffron Extract, Carrot extract and Green tea extract, whose main goal is to cleanse, heal and balance your skin .

Nourishing moisturiser for sensitive / combination skin
Nourishing moisturiser for sensitive / combination skin

Moisturizing combination skin can be tricky. This product is a favorite for combination skin type with its balanced moisturisation that doesn’t clog pores and heals and hydrates the dry areas. It is also effective in combating hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Featuring all natural ingredients like Ashwagandha Oil Extract, which is a famed elixir for skin health formula helps reduce signs of aging.  It also boasts Turmeric Oil Extract, Carrot Oil Extract, Manjistha Oil Extract, Holy Basil Oil Extract which reduce inflammation &  increase circulation for healthy, supple skin.

Combination skin girls and women, we are looking at you. Come try our ultimate Skincare Kit for Combination skin, the Night Ritual box for sensitive skin and your skin will thank you. Shop now.