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2023’s best anti-aging facial kit is here

Youthful skin is a jewel. If you have been in search of the perfect anti-ageing solution to combat signs of aging, wait no more. We have formulated the best anti-aging facial kit in India. Read on to find out.

Aging can be scary especially when social media and celebrities make it look like it’s the end of the world to have gray hair or a slight wrinkle. Aging gracefully is a beautiful thing, but you can also help reduce the signs of aging with thoughtful ingredients in your skincare, a healthy lifestyle and a peaceful mind.

What causes age-ing?

As you climb in years, your body is constantly changing according to your way of life. Signs of aging including wrinkles, sagging and fine lines are triggered by many factors including:

  • Depletion of collagen – Collagen is the glue that holds the skin taut and plump, and as you age, collagen production  decreases leading to sagging and fine lines.
  • Oxidation – Free radicals in the environment and UV rays react with molecules in the body and cause skin damage. This damage is most prominently visual on the skin.
  • Sun damage – Constant exposure to UV rays causes the most damage to the skin. More than accelerating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, sun exposure in the long term increases risk of skin cancer as well.

The Ayurvedic way to combat aging

Ayurveda prescribes certain practices to maintain beauty and skin health. This includes

  • Vayasthapana or age defying treatment
  • Varnya or brightening solution for enhanced glow
  • Vranaropana or healing wounds and eruptions on the skin
  • Tvagrasayana which is slowing down aging with treatment according to the season and daily rituals.

In the olden days, women also indulged in oil massages, donning herbal packs and bathing in ayurvedic concoctions to maintain healthy youthful skin.

Ayurveda has the best anti-aging facial remedies

Trust ayurveda to have the best & safest remedies for signs of aging. Ayurveda roots itself in prevention of ailments, which incidentally is the best solution yet to the aging problem.

We scoured the Ayurvedic texts to get to know the star ingredients to fight wrinkles, dark spots, tan and fine lines. Here are the top organic products to include in your skincare:

Aloe vera for skin
  1. Gotukola or indian pennywort is an important anti aging ingredient which is known for its collagen boosting abilities.
Amla for skin
  1. Amla is a favorite of grannies for skincare and has been used for centuries, even in household skincare recipes. It’s enhanced Vitamin C and collagen building ability makes it an elixir for skin.
anti-aging facial kit
  1. Grapefruit is an amazing ingredient for glowing skin as it has Vit A, C, & E that promotes skin health and renders a healthy glow.
  2. Rose has been a staple of skincare since ancient times, known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its intoxicating scent.
  3. The revered Sandalwood has made its presence in luxury face masks, moisturizer and cleansers. It enhances glow, brightens complexion and softens skin.
Easy & effective tips to reduce signs of age-ing
  • Sunscreen

Preventing sun damage is number one. Rain or sun, always apply sunscreen before you step out. Use SPF 30+ if you are stepping out in the harsh sun.

  • Don’t pull your skin

Facials and treatments are great, but it is never recommended to pull or tug your skin.

  • Organic skincare

Go natural as the best skincare is inspired, and from nature. Check out the ingredients on your favorite products and opt for Ayurveda based products made in small batches as we do at Brahmi Skincare and make your own anti-aging facial kit.

Ingredients to look for in your anti-ageing skincare products include Aloe Vera, Saffron, and Lotus Extracts to combat wrinkles and pigmentation.

Liquorice is great to revitalize skin & restore lost moisture.

Gotukola is an anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing herb that stimulates the skin’s collagen production and repairs skin damage

Amla contains copious amounts of Vitamin C and Carrot Seed Oil plumps skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines thus giving you an even skin tone.

Guduchi is known to revive our skin tissues and resolve inflamed skin conditions by its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Moisture

A simple step goes a long way. Dry skin is most prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Be it winter or summer, if your skin feels tight, lather on moisturizer.

Face yoga for skin

Face yoga

Exercise your face for glowing skin which reverses the tugging effect of gravity on the skin. Face yoga is a certain yogic practices specially designed to rejuvenate facial skin and muscles.

Anti oxidants

Your diet is key here. Indulge in a diet rich in antioxidants ingredients such as tomatoes, broccoli, beetroot and cabbage that are great sources of antioxidants in your diet.

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