5 essential tips to take care of your skin in your 20s you must know

How to take care of your skin in your 20s

Today, the million-dollar question is, when should you begin skincare? As for all parts of your body, skincare should be a daily ritual, and you should at least start taking baby steps to caring for your skin by 25 years of age. It is this crucial time that helps determine how well your skin will hold up in your 30s and later on.

Your skincare doesn’t have to be extensive facials, 50-step morning routines and expensive masks & treatments. Simple, natural and products that suit your skin type is what you should go for. So ready for the holy grail of skincare in your 20s? Here it is

Never miss a day of Sunscreen

This has to be the No.1 dermatologist recommended step in your skincare routine for 20s. Even as we live in the tropics, sunscreen is pretty alien to us and is rarely part of skincare routine in your 20s in India. Dermatologists today recommend wearing sunscreen whenever you step out, whether it’s sunny or cloudy. Excessive sun exposure can accelerate skin ageing, cause dark spots, sunburns and can increase the chances of skin cancer.

Don’t forget to exfoliate, gently.

What are the benefits? Removes dead skin cells, improves circulation and speeds up skin regeneration. Exfoliation is a vital part of skincare, but remember not to put harsh abrasives on your skin as it can do the opposite effect and damage your skin. Opt for light and effective exfoliants like our client’s favourite Brahmi Gentle Exfoliant for Dry Skin enriched with Dandelion Root Powder, Wheatgerm Oil, Rose Flower Extract & Brahmi Herb Extract. It is gentle on the skin and has potent ingredients to rejuvenate your dermis.

Diet, Exercise & Water- Essentials of natural skincare routine for 20s

Your mom has said, it, your grandma has said it, now we are too- Eating right is very important. Healthy skin begins with a good diet. Always include a mix of fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins in your daily meals. This doesn’t mean you need to skip on your comfort food. Remember to reduce packaged and junk food and try to eat healthy home-cooked meals(you don’t “need” fancy quinoa or kale to have pretty skin).

Get moving. Exercise increases blood circulation, flushes out toxins and ever heard of post-workout glow? Exercise has tonnes of benefits to the body and skin, and while you’re at it, remember to keep hydrating. Keep drinking water throughout the day as fruit juices(the no-added-sugar kind) and soups to keep your water levels up.

Treat your acne with care

Acne in your 20s may seem like the worst thing ever. You may be trying everything from advertised magical potions to harsh DIYs(we have all tried the lemon and yoghurt mask for acne- it’s a strict no-no by the way). We recommend that you consult a dermatologist and find out the root cause of your problem and treat it wisely with the right products. You can always use soothing organic products like our own Brahmi Nourishing moisturiser for Oily skin to balance and calm down inflamed skin.

Don’t Pick, Pluck & Prod your skin

The fingertips harbour anywhere between 2 and 10 million bacteria. Knowingly or unknowingly, we find that our fingers seldom end up on our face, many times a day. Transferring these microbes onto your face can bring with it a hoard of problems of its own, from acne to rashes. Make it a habit to always keep your hands off your face.

Always moisturise

One of the best additions to your skin care routine for the 20s is the moisturizer. Your skin is the barrier that separates your body from the external environment. When your skin is dry and cracked, it opens up to microbes and dust to enter the skin layers. This causes acne and blackheads. Remember to moisturise, especially if you have used a cleanser that dries up your skin(good cleansers shouldn’t do that). To avoid clogging, always use a moisturiser that suits your skin. Try Brahmi Nourishing moisturiser for oily skin, & Nourishing moisturiser for sensitive/combination skin, two of the best skincare products for those in their 20s in India.

Skip the cheap products. Invest wisely

There are two rules to using skincare products

  1. If it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is (the same applies to almost everything in life as well). If a product claims to give magical results that too in a short period or at a low price, it’s probably a hoax. Good products are made from fine ingredients(meaning it will be priced accordingly) and take time to show results. Our affordable products are great to kickstart your skincare routine for 20s today.
  2. Beauty products take about 3 months to show results Talking about results, 20s is the age of experimentation. While that’s totally fine, you should give a product at least 6-8 weeks’ time to show results. It is scientifically proven, that skincare takes up to 3 months to actually show results. So switching between too many products isn’t going to do anything for you.

Are you ready to get started on your skincare regime? Browse our bestsellers to shop organic, ethically-made skincare products that match your skin type now.