5 Quick Tips to Rejuvenate Skin

Tips for Dull Skin: A Holistic Approach to Glowing Skin

If you’re struggling with dull skin, staying out of the sun and reducing travel stress may not be enough to achieve that glowing complexion. At Brahmi, we believe a holistic approach is essential to healthy skin. Check out these tips for dull skin to learn how what you eat, your skincare routine, stress management, hydration, sleep, and more can all impact your skin’s appearance.

1. Watch what you eat

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. So it’s no surprise that what you consume impacts directly on it. First on the list are green vegetables, a key source of vitamins that enrich your skin. Focus on having vegetables of different colours which have a number of benefits of their own. Go for a tomato snack as it has 95% water content, essential for plumpy skin as well as loads of Vitamin C and lycopene which have anti-aging properties.

Stock up on nuts, with sunflower seeds and walnuts great for healing acne and psoriasis- two issues that Indian skin is prone to. Don’t forget oranges and grapes that are excellent sources of Vitamin C. Also since the avocado craze is on, this is your inspiration to have avo-toast every morning. Avocado is an excellent collagen-booster(think supple, radiant skin) as well as a vital source of vitamin E, potassium, and lecithin.

2. Tailor your skincare routine

Instagram has had a lot of us following influencer beauty routines and celebrity inspired 40-step skincare rituals, but the result? Not the same, is it? This is because skincare routines have to be tailor-made to your own skin. Everybody’s skin is different, so you need to curate the right products that match your skin type. Each of Brahmi skincare products is carefully designed for dry/combination/oily skin. Not sure of your skin type? Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you choose the exact product that works for you.

3. Reduce stress and prioritize self-care

Working 24/7? Taking care of home? The stresses of life are too many, but this is a reminder to take a break and find time for yourself. Studies have shown stress can actually lead to common skin problems from acne, aging, and even wrinkles. Stress hormones like corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) cause excessive oil production on the skin leading to acne as well as a change in the protein structure of the skin making it deprived of moisture. Next thing you know, you have fine lines and wrinkles.

Reducing stress is a priority and if you allot time for yourself, it’s easier to decompress and treat yourself to a nice spa day once or twice a week(you have earned it!). Take an hour off to yourself every day. Have a slow oiling session, do your skincare routine taking your sweet time, and enjoy a cup of your favorite drink while you are at it, streaming to some relaxing music.

4. Take a walk and catch up with friends

If you spend your day glued to the screen, we recommend you to take short breaks every hour, stretch, take a walk in the sun, and just be! You haven’t seen your friends in a while, yet you can catch up on stories and gossip via a phone call. Better yet, make it a video call and you’ll see how energized you are after your interaction.

5. Stay hydrated with water and other fluids

Dehydration is one of the worst things that can happen to your skin. Especially as temperatures soar in the summer, if you are not drinking enough water, the skin layers will shrivel and not have their bouncy healthy nature. Always have a bottle of

Tips for dull skin