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Discovering your body dosha & treating your skin right.

Skincare is a delicate process. Most of us have a recurring skin issue that just won’t go away, right? This is exactly why you need to start thinking about your dosha as prescribed by Ayurveda to know your skin type.

You may have tried over the counter medication, DIY masks, your moms and nanny’s recommendation, your favorite brand’s product- yet the result is always the same. It’s not always the symptom that needs to be treated but the root cause. Here’s a quick look at finding your dosha and treating your skin issues on its basis.

What are doshas and how does it affect the skin?

Ayurveda is the science of true wellness which goes back to 5000 years. It encompasses wellness of body and mind, and prescribes both preventive measures and treatments for issues.

It is written that the universe is ruled by five elements. They are air, water, space, earth and fire. These elements manifest in the body as doshas or energies.

Dosha” in sanskrit means “problem” or “disease”. The dosha or body humor affects not only the physical realm, but the mental and emotional state of a person too.

The tri-doshas or three doshas are vata, pitta and kapha.

Every individual has the three doshas, but in unique combinations. Usually one dosha predominates the others.

An imbalance of the dosha is said to be the root cause of illness from its physical manifestations as bodily ailments to skin problems as well.

How to select skincare based on your dosha?

The first step to a solid skincare regimen is to understand your skin type or dosha. Here’s a quick “knowing your skin type quiz” to get you started.

How would you describe your skin?

A. Mostly oily

B. Usually very dry and flaky

C. Normal but with oily T-zone

How often does your skin break out?

A. All the time

B. Once in a while

C. Whenever I use makeup

What are the most common features of your skin?

A. Acne-prone

B. Thin, veins are showing and has fine lines

C. Reacts badly to change in skincare products or weather

If your answers are all A, you have oily or kapha skin type. If you selected B, you have vata or dry skin and if it’s C, your skin type is combination or pitta skin.

Which dosha causes skin problems?

Imbalances in doshas are the cause of diseases. According to your dosha, whether it’s vata, pitta or kapha, you will be more prone to certain issues than others.

  • Skin conditions related to Vata dosha: Vata skin is characteristically dry, has a rough texture and tends to be thin. This skin type may be prone to cracks and extreme dryness in winters.
  • Skin conditions related to Pitta dosha: Pitta dosha skin types tend to have sensitive skin. They may be more vulnerable to environmental pollution, changing seasons and even diet changes causing acne and pimple flares.
  • Skin conditions related to Kapha dosha: Kapha dosha skin types have an excess of oil production. This leads to acne, shiny skin, and clogged pores.

Where to shop Ayurvedic skincare?

Your skincare has to be selected and used with great care.

Ayurvedic preparations especially have a smaller shelf life due to potent ingredients and limited use of preservatives. Therefore it’s recommended to buy preparations that are made in small batches.

At Brahmi, our skincare range is made with organic ingredients such as Brahmi extract, Sandalwood oil, Ashwagandha, Rose flower extract etc. Combining select ingredients in the right formula to deliver clean skincare for your particular dosha.

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