A guide to our top luxury skincare range

One thinks about Paris, Milan and Switzerland when the phrase “luxury skincare products” pops up. What if we say Ayurvedic skin care is as luxurious as it gets?

For example, have you heard about 100 times washed ghee? It’s an Ayurvedic preparation known as “Shata Dhauta Ghrita“, a revered ointment said to heal and nourish skin by penetrating all layers of skin. This 500 year old lepanam is the ultimate in luxury as it takes time, patience and effort to make.

The same applies to all organic products powered by Ayurveda making its the ultimate indulgence.

Why is Ayurveda the ultimate luxury skincare?

Ayurvedic recipes are made with years of research, picking the best of ingredients and combining them in the right proportions and crafting them to perfection. Need we say more because it truly is the most luxurious thing your skin can don.

At Brahmi, we combine the magic of granny’s recipes with the power of Ayurveda to bring forth unique, gentle skin care for your skin dosha.

luxury skincare products

Why does Brahmi bring the most luxurious skincare products for your skin?

  • Powered by Ayurveda Great organic ingredients, beautiful recipes for each skin type and simple routines for everyday use.
  • Made in small batches Long shelf life means more preservatives. We’d rather make our product just for you when you need it.
  • Free of parabens and SLS No harmful ingredients. Our skin care range has just pure natural herbs that are aimed at resolving all types of skin issues.
  • Cruelty-free With a strict no animal testing policy, Brahmi is the true definition of safe skin care.

How to choose organic skin care products? What to have in mind when buying luxury skincare products?

Everyday, there are numerous organic products or said “organic” skin care products hitting the market.

But what truly is organic? Are all organic skin care products good for you? Where should you be getting your skin care from?

We got you covered.

Here are the basic steps to purchasing the right organic skincare for yourselves

  • According to concerns Your goal should be the key marker when choosing skincare products. Whether it’s to combat dark spots, to get glowing skin or to relieve acne, set your goal and search for organic products that help resolve your issue.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks. Do your research, get your skin checked by a dermatologist if you need to and choose products that have a reputation and have great ingredients.
  • Know your skin type We can’t stress this point enough. Your skincare routine should be streamlined to your skin type or Ayurvedic dosha.
  • Get to know if your skin Know if your skin is vata(dry), pitta(combination) or kapha(oily) and choose products specifically made for each skin type.
  • Read the ingredient list Always flip the bottle and read long and hard. Always choose formulations with a minimal number of ingredients, that have natural herbs and extracts and those without parabens or SLS or chemical preservatives.
  • Skip the label Not all skin care products labeled ”ayurvedic”, “natural” and “organic”are good for your skin. They may not even contain natural ingredients. Research is key before you invest in products.
  • Don’t go by brand name alone Big names and glamorous celebrity endorsements may make you gullible to try out certain skin care brands. Don’t go experimenting just because of ads, choose only the right products that suit your skin.
  • Choose Ayurveda Ayurveda is rooted skin science. It’s bharatiya, it’s using local ingredients and what has been the secret of beautiful Indian skin for thousands of years.

We did an extensive blog to help you choose skin care. You can read it at How to choose & buy Organic Beauty products online.

Best organic ingredients for skin health

We said ingredients are key right? So what ingredients should you be looking for for your skin? Let’s look at some of the ingredients that are great for each skin types/dosha.

An imbalance of dosha causes skin diseases. As we mentioned, at Brahmi, all our luxury skincare products are aligned to suit each skin type based on individual Ayurvedic dosha.

Ingredients to look for vata skin type


The beautiful rose is an effective skin regenerating agent. For dry skin, rose helps to peel away flakiness on top to reveal plump new dermis.

This potent and incredibly aromatic ingredient is said to be the substitute for hyaluronic acid for the skin. A great hydrating ingredient, rose also supplies essentials Vitamins to the skin for plump looking skin.

The combination of a great aroma and skin goodness makes it the ideal ingredient to have in luxurious skincare products.

  • Tulsi

The holy tulsi is one of the best ingredients for dry parched skin. Flaunting healing and anti-ageing properties, it helps prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles

  • Turmeric Root Oil

Turmeric or haldi is a simple yet powerful remedy for all skin types. In particular for vata skin type, turmeric root oil helps soothe and heal skin irritations, and inflamed areas like acne spots, dry patches and micro-tears.

  • Brahmi

A small powerhouse of skin goodness, Brahmi is helps reduce pigmentation, a common occurrence in dry or vata skin type. It is also a great collagen booster which helps prevent sagging.

  • Ashwagandha

A vital ingredient in organic skincare, ashwagandha does a bit of everything. From nourishing skin for a healthy glow to paving the way for youthful skin, keep an eye out for ashwagandha when you shop for your luxury skincare moisturizers and face oils.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the synonym of softness and healing. From soothing burns to being a staple in DIY skincare, aloe vera helps relieve dryness and itching of skin and provides intense hydration.

Almond oil

Almond oil hosts an array of essential vitamins that brighten and nourish skin. On top of it, almonds are a great source of linoleic acid which is a fatty acid that provides deep hydration for skin. Look out for almond oil in your hydrating products.

Dandelion Root

if your skin is looking for a detox from environmental pollution, clogged pores and skin irritations, dandelion root is your saviour. Dandelion root powder helps combat microbial infections and is a major ingredient in our vata or dry skin face scrub.

Ingredients for Pitta Dosha

An imbalance of pitta dosha can leave your skin sensitive and prone to acne and irritations. You may also suffer the dreaded oily T-zone and dry parched face.

Balance your pitta dosha skin with these ingredients in your skin care.

For your particular skin type, the goal is to get an even toned skin, regulate oil production and relieve dry patches.

Ingredients to look for pitta skin type include:

Aloe vera

This light gel is the ultimate moisturizer and makes for a great base ingredient for pitta skin type. Aloe vera helps even out your skin by reducing dry patches and lightly moisturizing without adding excess oil.

  • Witch hazel

A great astringent, witch hazel helps regulate oily skin in your T-zone. A great ingredient to be part of cleansers, witch hazel soothes inflammation and irritation.

  • Cocoa butter One of the best and most decadent moisturisers, cocoa butter is rich in hydration and has a smooth texture. It’s the ultimate moisturiser we would say, and is a great source of antioxidants to combat aging.
  • Sunflower seed oil A storehouse of Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil is non-comedogenic and helps lock in moisture on the skin. This one is a great ingredient for pitta or sensitive skin type and features in our luxe pitta Face oil.
  • Saffron Extract The rare and exotic saffron is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties which helps soothes acne. It is also a great ingredient to look for if you’re keen on brightening your complexion and fight pigmentation. Similar to haldi, saffron also imparts a beautiful yellow tone to the skin as does to all products that have the same.
  • Multani mitti

A cleanser and oil regulating agent, multani mitti helps clean and balance combination skin. It’s a cooling clay mask which helps clear pores and improve skin texture.

  • Sandalwood

This luxurious ingredient is a treasure chest of antioxidant and anti-aging elements. Sandalwood gives a warm glow to the skin and also reduces aging related fine lines and sagging.


A beautiful smelling ingredient, lavender is known for its healing properties especially for eczema. It is also great to help with sunburn and dark spots when used consistently.

  • Jojoba

This potent oil is an amazing source of vitamin E, which helps plump skin and retain moisture. Jojoba regulates skin’s oil production, making it a perfect pitta skin ingredient.

  • Moringa

A trending skincare ingredient today, moringa has been used since ages to do away with acne, pigmentation and dark spots.

Ingredients to look for kapha skin type

The concern with oily or kapha skin type is to bring down excess oil production, reduce chances of acne and reduce size of pores.

Here are the top ingredients that works wonders for kapha skin type.

This oil is a healer for cuts, scrapes and skin injuries. Tea tree oil helps in balancing skin oil production and soothes pimple pop ups.

  • Papaya

Your nani may have recommended papaya from your backyard for glowing skin, right? With good reason. Papaya is packed with skin supplementing vitamins and acts as an amazing gentle exfoliant to remove dirt buildup.

  • Mulethi

An ingredient that features extensively in Ayurvedic texts, mulethi or sweet tasting licorice is a great ingredient to combat the effects of sun damage including sunburn and tanning. Mulethi is also known for its brightening effects.

  • Vetiver

Vetiver root extracts have a pleasant earthy smell, which makes it a great fragrant base for cosmetics. It also has great moisturizing abilities without excess oiliness making it ideal for kapha skin type.

Frankincense oil

It is the giver of smooth skin. frankincense oil has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which help reduce the appearance of pimples.

The legendary ingredient, in it’s pure form, is also a collagen booster. This helps retain more hydration in the skin which renders plump and youthful skin.


Jasmine flower extract, as seen in our beautifully concocted Kapha or Oily Face oil has numerous benefits. This fragrant oil is a remedy for eczema, acne and skin rashes.

It also has a cicatrizing effect which means it assists in healing small wounds and tears on the skin.

Lotus seed

As the water living plant it is, lotus seed has the ability to retain a lot of moisture, an essential trait for a hydrating Face oil.

Find this incredible and rarely used moisturising elixir in our Kapha skin purifying Face oil.

Why do dermatologists prefer organic skincare products?

If you’re faced with persistent skin issues like rosacea, acne and itching, we always recommend speaking to a dermatologist to know the root cause for your concern.

You can also consult your dermatologist regarding your skin care products to know if they are right for you.

Most dermatologists recommend organic Ayurvedic skin care products as they are gentle, effective and give long lasting results.

Feel free to browse our much loved Top 3 best Ayurvedic skincare products that you “Need” in your skincare routine now!

What are your best organic skincare products?

Brahmi has a beautifully curated range of Ayurvedic, skin friendly products for each particular skin type/dosha. The formula and ingredients make us the best in luxury skincare.

Our bestsellers include

  • Neem and Green Tea cleanser for sensitive/combination skin
  • Vetiver and Apricot Cleanser for oily skin
  • Gentle exfoliant for sensitive / combination skin

To get to know some of our most loved products, you can check out Unveiling the best clean beauty products for dry skin blog.

What makes Brahmi skincare the ultimate luxury skincare brand?

Our products, hands-down!

Our love for grandma’s incredible organic recipes and the power of Ayurveda combined to birth a unique skincare brand, Brahmi. Here skincare starts with understanding your body and skin type.

For us, it’s not about bringing forth a lot of products with fancy names and claims. It’s about creating a luxury skincare brand that offers curated skin care experience that is aimed entirely at healing and nourishing your particular skin type.

Our skincare is different because

100% organic range

No nasty chemicals is a Brahmi promise with each of our luxury skincare products. We are investing in delivering the best of organic ingredients in each of our precious bottles of goodness. We are SLS and Paraben free as well.

Ayurvedic recipes for each dosha

Same skincare for all? Na-da. Your skin requires special attention. Your dosha plays an important role in the health and thus skin health as well. Whether you’re vata, pitta or kapha dosha, Brahmi has specialised products for each skin type.

What’s more, we have curated skincare packages which we like to call, “ritual boxes” to cater to your skin conditions and give you enhanced glow.

Anti-ageing ingredients & Natural collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Our products flaunt ashwagandha, green tea, licorice and a hoard of anti-aging gems that help reverse signs of aging.

Our luxury range is aimed at fighting and fading out fine lines and wrinkles. Natural collagen enhancers help pack more hydration on the skin resulting in plumper and healthier looking skin.

Gentle on skin

If skincare is too harsh for your skin, it isn’t right. This is exactly why our products from cleansers to face oils are gentle and have a luxurious smooth feel.

For us, luxury skincare should be an indulgent experience. One that you enjoy and get lost in when you’re applying them.

Small batches guaranteeing high quality

One of our stand-out points is, unlike commercial skin care, ours is made to requirement. We don’t use heavy preservatives which means we’ll be making the products just when you place an order with us. Our small batch products adds a touch of exclusivity to our luxury skincare products.

This means you get Ayurvedic recipes in all it’s essence!

If you feel like you‘re ready to shift to a great home-grown organic beauty brand, we suggest you check us out at www.brahmiskincare.com. Happy shopping!


I have dry skin. Which organic product is best for my skin?

For vata or dry skin type, you can choose skincare with ingredients that moisturize the skin, heal irritations and give intense hydration.

Go for luxury skincare products with aloe vera, rose extracts, almond oil, brahmi and frankincense oil which are great for dry skin type.

For cleansing and exfoliating, we recommend you to use our luxurious bathing scrub.

For more information on gentle scrub for vata skin type, we suggest “Still using soap? Check out the most luxurious body scrub in India.” blog.

Are face oils good for glowing skin?

Essential oils are an absolute godsend for that glow from within look. Healthy and dewy skin with minimal makeup is all the rage today. To get that extra glow,  finish off the moisturizing step with our most sought-after luxury skincare products- the incredibly light and luxurious Face Oil.

Our face oil boasts organic ingredients and a beautiful formula to that both acts as a natural retinol to prevent signs of aging and hydrates skin. To get to know our face oils for different skin types, check out Face Oil- Do You Really “Need” It? Here Are The Facts blog.

What are the best ingredients for acne prone skin?

Tea tree oil, aloe vera, turmeric root oil and sandalwood are effective ingredients to relieve acne, reduce inflammation and to fade away dark spots.

Tea tree oil and turmeric root oil are astringents and hep reduce pores while aloe vera helps soothe skin. Sandalwood helps dry out thee excess oil on the face, a main cause of acne.

Which are the best Ayurvedic beauty product in India?

We believe that luxurious skincare products are based in Ayurveda and flaunt organic ingredients. Here are our top beauty products for you:

  • Gentle exfoliant for Dry skin

It is a perfect scrub to get rid of tan and pollution and reveal perfect glowing skin. The scrub is made of potent ingredients like Rose, Turmeric, Holy Basil, and Brahmi to cleanse skin, increase blood flow and reduce dryness.

  • Neem and Green Tea cleanser for sensitive/combination skin

We understand the oily T-zone dilemma and formulates the perfect cleanser to gently cleanse skin, unblock clogged pores and moisturize skin for complete skin oil balance.

  • Nourishing moisturiser for sensitive / combination skin

Aimed at combination and sensitive skin, our moisturiser reduces fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and reveals even skin tone.

So, are you using the top luxury skincare products? Start now and treat yourself to an opulent sensorial experience.