It’s hot! Find out the best summer night skin care routine for fresh and healthy

Why do you need a Summer Night Skin Care Routine when it’s this hot?

Summer days are harsh, and nights aren’t the most pleasant either. Your skin takes the beating from all this intense sun.

The best skincare you can do to soothe your skin is in your nighttime skincare ritual.

Find out our secret luxurious night summer skincare tips, how to make your own easy skincare and the best products that your skin needs this summer here!

Why do you need skincare in this heat?

Indian summer is harsh on the body, skin and even on your mind. The intense heat, the overwhelming sweat and tired-all-day feeling can’t be run away from.

As for your skin, UV rays, dust, dirt and unbeatable dehydration gets the best of it.

Your night time skincare is as important to revive your skin as is your morning routine for protection.

What are your Summer night skincare goals?

  1. Repair sun damage and reduce tanning Summer means sun tan, UV damage and darkening of skin. Skin damage is best avoided by using sunscreens, and physical blockers like hats and umbrellas. But if you do get tanned, it’s imperative to repair the damage as soon as possible.
  2. Provide intense hydration

Long hours in the heat can drain your skin of moisture. You may also need to drink extra water to keep your body at optimal hydration.

If you’re not drinking enough (which most of us are guilty of), your skin may be dehydrated leading to dryness and the formation of wrinkles.

3. Cool and soothe skin issues

Dryness, irritation and sunburns need to be treated gently.

It is at nighttime that you can soothe and nourish the skin and set the groundwork for replenishing itself during sleep.

Facial indulgence with ice, cucumber and a summer drink in hand

Summer skin care routine is as much about skin as it is to soothe your body and mind.

So, the first thing you need is to relax completely before you start your skincare.

Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Cool products for your skin

One of the best tweaks you can do to fully bring out the goodness of your products this summer is to store your products in the fridge.

This keeps it cool and feels amazing when you apply it to your warm skin during your summer skin care routine.

  1. MInimal products:

Summer time is for the least number of products on the skin because who wants to sleep in a pool of products and sweat(not ideal).

Keep your skincare clean, simple and practical.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser: Use only gentle products on your skin during this time. If you need a more thorough cleaning, we recommend a besan-milk scrub for daily use.
  2. Use exfoliant carefully Skin that is damaged by day needs careful treatment in your nighttime ritual. Remember to only use gentle exfoliants like Brahmi’s exfoliant scrub and don’t agitate your skin too much.

Best products to invest for your hot girl summer

Skincare goals for oily skin in summer

  • Reduce excess oil production on skin
  • Keep pimples at bay
  • Unblock pores
  • Remove grime and dirt thoroughly

Try the summer skin care routine for oily skin that you’ll fall in love with

  1. Begin by using cool water to wash your face.
  2. Follow it up with a gentle cleanser at night to remove grime and oiliness. Use a besan or multi mitti as a cleanser if you’re looking to double cleanse.
  3. Pat the face partially dry. Don’t rub your face or dry the face completely.
  4. Tone your face with a face mist like rose water or green tea. Leave it on for a minute to settle.
  5. Now comes the moisturiser: Take 3-4 dabs of Brahmi’s moisturiser, use your finger to massage slightly on the face and let it absorb.
  6. Use a face oil only if you have very dry skin.
  7. Sleep tight on a clean cotton pillow and walk up refreshed.

Night Skin Care Routine for dry skin

It’s a tightrope for dry skin during summers-Need the hydration but don’t need the extra oiliness as well.

Here’s how a good nighttime ritual tweaks can help:

Do not wash your face too much

: You may be tempted to get squeaky clean skin but don’t.

You need to preserve as much of the skin oils as you can to combat the dryness.

Oil-based moisturiser is your best friend

Your skin is dry because of less oil production by the body. Oils helps seal in the hydration.

So use an oil-based moisturiser on damp skin for maximum hydration.

Water intake

You might need that tall bottle of water sitting next to you to remind you to take a big sip often.

Sleep on a satin pillow

You may have dry flaky skin and cotton may be too rough for you.

Opt for satin pillow for your summer skin care routine that are cleaned regularly.

How to maintain summer skin care routine for Night time

Here are the key pointers you need to keep in mind to soothe and nurture your combination skin.

  • It’s all in the products: Use products especially designed for your skin type.

Especially during summer, when your skin is heavily exposed to the elements, the right skincare can make all the difference.

  • Patch test, always- As your skin is sensitive, whenever you use new products, do a patch test and wait a whole day before incorporating it into your routine.
  • Use calming ingredients: Ashwagandha, rose extracts, aloe vera and brahmi are the key ingredients you should be looking for in your summer skin care routine.

These products help soothe irritation ad reduce redness on your skin.

  • Let your skin breathe: Don’t layer on too many products in the humid weather.

Let your skin breath through the night to promote healing and nourishment.

How to maintain summer skin care routine?

It’s easy. Think of it as a spa moment at home, every day.

Don’t forget to just get lost in the experience for a while and let your body go.”

You just have to start your night skin care routine by finding the right products for your skin.

Then you build a minimal skincare routine and follow it up every day.

If you have a very elaborate skincare routine, well and good, but more often than not, long skincare routines make it cumbersome and tiring to do on a daily basis.”

On top of it, layering too many products isn’t necessarily a good thing in the summer heat.

So we recommend you stick to just really good products that actually work on your skin and follow the routine consistently.

How to get clear skin in summers skin care routine

As we have discussed, clear skin comes with great products and using them every day.

Check out our range of minimal organic clean beauty Ritual boxes specially made for vata, pitta and kapha skin type.”

You can also shop some amazing morning and night ritual boxes to build a truly unique and easy skincare routine.

Welcome your glam-glow skin era today with Brahmi skincare.