Busted! Know the truth in skincare myths and facts from the experts

The internet is rife with skin care myths and facts from anyone and everyone. And then you try them and wonder, why doesn’t it work? Because your skin requires expert care and products that help revive your very specific skin issues.

Today, we do a fun bust the myth session, answering many tried and tested(and seldom disappointed) myths(and some facts too). We also tell you what you can do instead. Let’s go

Skincare myths and facts uncovered.

Dry skin can’t be healed

You’ve heard it- “It’s hereditary”, “You can’t change it”, “You’re stuck for life!” Well, it’s true dry skin may be hereditary but it can also happen due to misuse of products(skin sensitisation),including skincare and makeup and routines that don’t work for your skin.

Whichever the case, dry skin can be healed and nurtured with the right products and routines(and it isn’t rocket science).

3 easy steps to do to revive the skin:

  1. Internal hydration Drinking enough water is key to great skin especially for your dry or vata skin type.
  2. External hydration Use gentle, nourishing and extra hydrating formula. Do not go for product just because they are endorsed by celebrity or otherwise. We recommend Brahmi’s nourishing moisturiser with almond ol and cocoa butter for smooth silky skin.
  3. Use cleanser in skin care only when absolutely necessary Your skin does well with just a water wash most of the time. So don’t overdo it.
  4. Believe in Ayurvedic slow healing Any treatment that gives instant results is usually a farce and mostly only serves the skin shortterm. Go for Ayurvedic products made with organic ingredients to heal, nourish and nurture skin.

Face oil is only for dry skin

Face oil is best and almost required for dry skin but your combination, and even oily skin can benefit greatly if face oil is used the right way.

Always keep these tips in mind while using face oils

  1. Finding the right organic, non-comedogenic oil for your skin type.
  2. Apply oils always only on clean skin only.
  3. If your skin is prone to pimples, always use face oil as the last step in your skin care.
  4. Do not mix face oils and other products you’re using. Let each product absorb into the skin well before layering.

Oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser

Sounds almost blasphemous and is No.1 among the in skin care myths and facts. Even if you have the simplest skin care routine, a moisturiser is essential for all skin types to maintain a good hydration level.

Try our Nourishing lightweight moisturiser for your oily skin to balance the skin sebum and give you a dewy finish.

Organic products don’t do anything

Slow results don’t mean no results. Organic products are gentle on your skin, and therefore give results a little later but lasting results nevertheless.

So whenever you’re investing in organic Ayurvedic products, you’re looking at longterm skincare goal.

You can apply turmeric on pimples to heal them

Turmeric is a great antiseptic formula for the skin. It’s not surprising, it’s touted as a remedy for any of the skin issues. We vouch by it nevertheless, but it is not recommended to put turmeric on open wounds like pimples. It can aggravate the area and hinder the body’s natural healing process.

Keep your turmeric mask at bay till your pimple subsides.

Aloe vera is better in it’s natural form

We love aloe vera right from the kitchen garden. It’s fresh, juicy and full of non-toxic goodness. But taking the much loved and soothing aloe vera gel straight out of the plant isn’t as easy as you might think.

If not done right, the thorns and sharp contours as well as the yellow gel may also get in the mix and spoil the healing effects and give you irritation and rashes. Be sure to only extract the clear gel and apply on your face within 30 minutes of extraction.

You need to use a cleanser in the morning-everyday

No. This is one of the most popular skin care myths. You only need to use a cleanser if your skin feels too greasy. Even in the case of our gentle cleanser, you only need to use it as required.

Excessive cleanser use is the root of most of the skin problems including dryness, fine lines and premature wrinkling. Your body by itself cleans, exfoliates and renew skin. Just compliment it with your skin care as necessary.

The more products, the better for your skin

It would seem so, but the truth is, less is more. Minimal skincare is back in trend and your skin will thank you for it.

Brahmi’s skin care ideology also relies on minimal and effective skin care rituals that work exactly for your skin type.

Explore our range for vata, pitta and kapha skin types today.

You need parlour treatment for flawless skin

Parlours have become quite old-fashioned these days but do you need parlour treatments for your specialist skin care? If anything, all you need is a consultation with a dermatologist to understand your skin issues and treat them right.

Here’s how you tackle skin problems step by step

Check your routines

Skincare, food and stress are major factors that contribute to your skin issues.

Change skincare that isn’t working for you

Expensive cream that irritates your skin, that fake skin mist that you bought because of the ad and expired pump of lotion? Trash it, please. It’s your skin first and products later. Check all your skincare and phase out anything that’s not agreeing with your dermis.

See a dermatologist

Get expert advice from an Ayurvedic consultant to check your hormones and bodily issues that are showing up on your skin and get them corrected

Mental calm

Good skin starts in the mind. Get into a good headspace and great things will follow.

You only need sunscreen on a sunny day

A myth as old as time. But the truth is, sunscreen is an essential skincare step, come rain or sunshine. Even if it isn’t too sunny out, UV rays are still lurking in the atmosphere and can do sun damage. So, if you plan to step out, do wear sunscreen.

How to wear sunscreen

Use SPF50+ if you spend a long time in the harsh sun. If the climate is more pleasant, you can switch to SPF30 or 15.

  • Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.
  • Use physical blockers like scarves, umbrellas and hats whenever possible to block out sun rays.
  • Do not step out in the midday sun if not really necessary.

You don’t need a multivitamins for skin

  • The truth is you really don’t need them, if you don’t need them.
  • Munching on a bunch of multivitamin tablets just because you saw a Youtube video isn’t necessarily good for you. If you do have a vitamin deficiency (ask your doctor), try to supplement it with organic foods that can help boost these vitamins. Sometimes, your body finds it difficult to absorb certain vitamins due to predisposed conditions, so here you can take your supplements under the supervision of your doctor.

Hot water is bad for your skin

There is actually some truth in this. It is always recommended to wash your face and body with cold or lukewarm water.

Although hot water feels refreshing and helps relieve pain, prolonged use can accelerate aging by reducing the skin elasticity.

Did you enjoy all the skincare myths and facts busted? If you want to know more about skincare rituals that don’t serve you and those that do, let us know!