Top Natural Face Serum for glowing skin in 28 days

If you just found out that your skincare is missing a natural face serum, it isn’t too late for you, yet. Add a luxurious step to your skincare routine to completely transform your skin texture and health.

Here’s why you absolutely need to invest in a face serum, and get to know the best face serum in the market as a bonus!

Do you really need a natural Face serum?

We’re true advocates of minimalistic skincare routines. Nothing more than 5 steps is actually required on a daily basis.

You can have your basic cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate twice a week and sunscreen and truly heal your skin. But, if your skin is especially exposed to the elements, it need an extra  dose of love. A face serum or a face oil, as we like to call it,  does the job of 10 products all at once.

How many ways can you use a natural face serum for great results?

Face serums, beyond being a godsend product for the skin can be used in multiple ways, giving incredible results. Here are some of the ways that we absolutely love using our Hydrating Face oils.

Last step in nighttime routine:

A great way to seal in all the goodness after a beautiful skincare ritual at night is with a hydrating Face oil. Once your actives are applied and dried, finish it with a gentle splash of face oil. This helps prevent the actives from getting lost on your sheets and seals hydration through the night.

Face yoga:

The best use of our face oil? It’s as a massage base to facilitate easy gliding of hands as you do your face yoga.

Our Ultimate Hydrating Face oil is just the perfect partner to relive dryness and stretch marks for vata skin type. Enriched with lotus extracts and the goodness of Brahmi, our face serum also helps enrich the skin with natural anti-bacterial properties and increases elasticity.

As a makeup base:

Want a flawless makeup base? A dab of face oil will do the trick. Our face oils for vata, pitta and kapha skin type are lightweight and luxurious, and make for an amazing base to apply with your makeup.

Just take 2 pumps, spread it evenly on face and neck, wait for 2 minutes and then put your foundation. Even, glowing skin and totally easy to apply.

With makeup:

If your foundation routine involves brushes, beauty blender and finally calling your fingers to the game as well, this might help take the load off. Mix a pump of face oil with your oil-based foundation and apply it with your bare hands. It should glide on like a breeze and your base is done in seconds.

Find out our Beauty advisor’s favourite serum

Beautiful skin comes with consistent care, great products and  one well-thought, researched skincare routine.

Choosing your skincare products can be a daunting task. We recommend our organic Ayurvedic skincare range with select herbs in a highly effective recipe to give just the right goodness for the skin. Each of our products are handpicked and formulated to suit your specific skin type.

Our Face oils are our bestsellers and a favourite among our team as well. One of the most popular picks ad a personal favourite is our Ultimate Hydrating Face oil for oily skin. Fortified with virgin olive oil and almond, this formula helps penetrate the skin layers and deliver hydration deep within.

Is there one absolutely amazing Natural face serum that you should try?

For ladies with dry skin and pre-mature signs of aging, may we recommend our phenomenal pick, the Brahmi Face oil. We have the formulation tweaked for all three skin types.

You can quickly find your skin dosha here and pick the face oil that addresses the skin issues.

What ingredients should be in your Natural Face serum?

Why does our natural face serum steal hearts at first use? It’s in the ingredients.

Let us walk you through our star ingredients:

Jojoba oil

Making a powerful base to our face oil is jojoba oil. A beautiful light oil helps balance oil production and soothes dry skin, while  promoting a healthy complexion.


Next, meet Mulethi or licorice root known for its  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. From soothing redness, to soothing sensitivity and brightening skin, this one is an all-rounder.

Rose Flower Extract

Luxurious, fragrant and truly indulgent, Rose flower extract is a must-have ingredient for calming and soothing skin. It is a powerhouse of  antioxidants, that protect the skin from free radical damage as well.

Turmeric Root Oil

The much loved household beauty remedy, Turmeric root oil makes a comeback in our beauty line. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help reduce inflammation, soothe acne skin, and promote a more even skin texture.


Tulsi Leaf Extract is truly holy and makes this ingredient even more close to heart. Its medicinal values range from antibacterial effects to  anti-inflammatory properties, a dual action necessary to remedy acne and pimple prone skin.

Easy, quick and 100% effective face massage with serum

Celebrities love it, makeup artists use it and your favourite skincare divas advocate it- it’s a face massage.

If you ask what’s the best way to sculpt, moisturise and hydrate skin? A quick and easy face massage is the answer. You can ge the best from your products with a daily routine face massage.

Benefits of face massage with Brahmi Face oils

  1. Remove puffiness: If you’re used to waking up with puffy eyes and face in general, a good face massage will wake your skin right up.

A facial yoga or massage with a face serum helps to drain lymphatic fluids and make your skin look less puffy.

  1. Sculpt facial muscles: Face yoga is the ultimate workout for your face to look sculpted. Dd you know it is known as facial botox without the syringe?
  1. Remove fine lines: Consistently doing facial exercises and following a face massage routine with a good face oil helps prevent appearance of wrinkles and reduces the appearances of fine lines as well.
  1. Healthier looking skin: Overall, a face yoga routine combined with our Hydrating face oils or face serum gives the dual advantage of the healing touch along with powerful ingredients to rejuvenate the skin.

For a quick look at the best face massages you can start doing today, check out out blog.


Is face serum useful?

From brightening your face, removing dark circles, hyperpigmentation and reducing suntan, religiously using a face oil can work wonders.

We recommend you use an organic Ayurvedic face oil specially made for vata, pitta and kapha skin types. Check out our range of face oils today.

Which is the best natural face Serum for face benefits?

Best seller and a client favourite, Brahmi’s Ultimate Hydrating face oil with rose flower extract, ashwagandha, grape seed oil and brahmi extracts is the skin’s best friend.

Benefits include:

  • Lightweight, luxurious face serum
  • Can be layered below and with makeup
  • Helps reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Non-greasy formula

Which serum is best for beginners?

Three things are to be kept in mind while shopping for face serum for beginners.

  • Your skin type
  • Ingredients list
  • Is it non-comedogenic?

Tick all the right questions for your skincare with all organic, Ayurvedic Brahmi’s Face oil range.

Can rose water remove dark circles?

Good quality, sustainably made, authentic rose water can be an amazing ingredient to help reduce hyperpigmentation on the skin. Rose water has relaxing and soothing properties which makes it all the more better to relieve stressed eyes and dark circles which are caused by it.

Does almond oil remove dark circles?

Pure almond oil is a good massage oil to apply and pamper your under eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Take 2-3 drops of almond oil, warm it at your fingertips and gently massage over your dark circles. Remember to relax while doing so. Do this ritual for a month and see the difference.

While buying almond oil, we warn you that good quality almond oil is expensive but worth every penny. Invest in cold pressed virgin almond oil for your skincare.