All about Exfoliation & How often to exfoliate oily skin An extensive guide

All about Exfoliation & How often to exfoliate oily skin: An extensive guide

What is the easiest way to achieve flawless? The answer is Exfoliation. Here’s everything from How often to exfoliate oily skin to what products work best for your skin type.

The art of scrubbing off dead skin cells and debris to reveal soft and supple skin beneath, has been used for ages to get the ultimate glowing skin. Come join us and learn about the Why, Where and How of exfoliation.

History of  Exfoliation

ancient Egyptian beauty treatment

Egyptians are pioneers in beauty treatments and it’s no surprise that exfoliation has its roots in this country. They are said to have used the slightly abrasive Dead Sea salts to scrub the skin as part of their milk bath for a luxurious skincare regimen.

In India, exfoliation is mostly associated with ubtan and has been widely used for centuries.

What are the benefits of exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a step we often skip in our daily skincare routine but here’ why you should start considering it:

  • It removes dead skin cells while cleaning dirt and deposits on skin
  • Promote cellular regeneration by increasing blood supply to get supple skin
  • Soothes skin and remove unwanted hair
Conventional exfoliation vs Brahmi’s exfoliating scrub

There are different types of exfoliation techniques today. Mainly, it can be grouped as chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation.

In chemical exfoliation, the top layer of skin is removed by using a mild chemical agent like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). Since they use potent chemicals, chemical peels have to be used carefully as they can potentially injure skin and cause burning if not used correctly.

Physical exfoliators are much safer and usually have organic elements which provide abrasion and have anti-inflammatory properties. Organic scrubs mostly use ingredients like ground walnut shell, gram flour, wheat flour etc., to rub away dead skin cells.

Exfoliants have flooded the market today for it’s purported benefits to the skin. The most popular these days are organic exfoliants like Brahmi’s Gentle exfoliant for Dry skin, which gently rub away the top layer of dry skin cells. At the same time, it relieves skin ailments with ayurvedic ingredients like turmeric root oil and brahmi herb extracts to heal wounds and promote skin regeneration.

Brahmi’s exfoliators come in 3 variants depending on your skin dosha.

  • Brahmi’s Gentle exfoliant for Dry skin or Vata dosha
  • It has Walnut Shell Powder as the abrasive element and the goodness of Brahmi Herb Extract, Ashwagandha Leaf Extract & Frankincense Oil to relieve dryness.
  • Brahmi’s Gentle exfoliant for Combination or Sensitive exfoliant for Pitta skin:
  • It uses finely ground walnut shell powder along with Vetiver extract, Brahmi herb Extract & Saffron Extract to balance the oils on the skin.
  • Brahmi’s Gentle exfoliant for Oily skin:
  • Enriched with the goodness of Rice powder as the scrubbing agent and Sandalwood Wood Oil, Jasmine Flower Extract and Neem Seed Oil for a thorough cleansing.

Each type has specially formulated ingredients that work for your skin dosha.

For example, Brahmi’s Gentle exfoliant for Dry skin is gentler on the skin as we don’t want to further exasperate brittle skin. At the same time, the Brahmi’s Gentle exfoliant for Oily skin is more potent and has ingredients to remove excess oil and grime.

Common questions related to exfoliation

Exfoliation has to be done carefully and just enough to clean the skin. We recommend you use organic exfoliants twice a week.

how often should i scrub my face and body?

It is best to do a face scrub 2-3 times a week. But, once a week is more than sufficient for a full body rubdown.

How often do you exfoliate your face with sugar?

Sugar is an awesome ingredient for exfoliation and it’s natural, low cost and readily available. Sugar-honey exfoliating masks is trending but you just have to be careful not to use large crystals of sugar as they can cause microtears on the skin.

how to exfoliate oily skin and acne prone skin?

One has to be gentle with acne prone skin as it’s delicate and prone to breakouts and uneven texture. Here are some quick tips to exfoliate sensitive skin with issues.

  • Exfoliate only once or maximum twice a week and be very gentle with your skin, especially the problem areas.
  • Do not rub on open wounds or live acne, as this can cause the bacteria to spread to newer areas.

See, now you know how often to exfoliate oily skin and all skin types. Is exfoliation part of your daily skincare routine?

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